The newly redesigned EquiStat website makes it easier than ever to pull reports on horses, riders, and more, and it’s also never been easier as a producer to learn how to submit barrel racing results to EquiStat, the most accurate performance horse statistical database.

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How to Submit Barrel Racing Results to Equistat

There is no charge to submit your results to EquiStat. However, we do have a specific format in which we would like to receive them. We prefer a simple Excel or .CSV file (see links on the website to download example files.) Most programs will have an export option and can create this for you to email directly to us.

In the subject of your email, please include the start date, event name and city/state of your event. If you have them, please attach a flyer and entry form as well. This helps us to know the rules and code each class correctly.

Submitting Using the EquiStat Template

Results should include the following:

Start Date, Name of Event, Event City, Event State, Number of Entries (for Each Class), Added Money (for Each Class), Class Name, Go Round, Money Earned, Time/Score, Horse Name, Full Rider Name (Please include a middle initial if available), Rider City, Rider State, Full current Owner Name (if available Please include a middle initial if available), Owner City, Owner State

Note that for divisional barrel races, the number of entries and added only need to be shown in the rows of the 1D only. If the race has multiple go-rounds, the number of entries and added money will be in the 1D of every round in that class.

Submitting Using Charlie Horse – Barrel Race America Software

Under Administrative Functions, choose EquiStat Reporting – Select ALL CLASSES and create the .CSV file to be emailed to us. This particular file will look scrambled and hard to read.

Please email complete results to [email protected].

If you have any questions, email [email protected] or call during business hours 817-737-6397.

Visit and click ‘Submit Your Event’ under the ‘Events’ tab to find this step-by-step guide and links with example files to ensure your results are submitted correctly.


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