No matter the mouthpiece, the Troy Flaharty Bits and Spurs medium shank “Betty” lifter bit is a staple in leading breeder and trainer Bo Hill’s barn.

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About the Flaharty Betty Bit

“A horse seems to accept this bridle good, and it fits my hands good—it’s probably not for everybody—but it has a lot of feel and people seem to transition well to it when I sell a horse. It’s easy to get one bought [from Troy Flaharty] that you can send with a horse when you sell it. A lot of people can ride in this bridle.”

Shank: Medium with a Small Amount of Gag

“[After a snaffle], I go to this little shanked bridle that Troy builds. This is a soft shank. You can pull on it and not make your horse dread it; they take it really good.”

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Mouthpiece: Two-Piece Square

“This one is a square. I have multiple different mouthpieces—some square, some twist, some three-piece, some two-piece.”

Curb: Chain with Nylon Buckle Sides

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