Kelsey (Lutjen) Treharne won the 2020 Old Fort Days Futurity riding VF Cream Rises in the Flaharty Betty combination bit with a two-piece twisted wire mouthpiece on the ‘Big Betty’ shank, a bit she uses to bring a strong horse back into her hands without being too harsh.

About the Flaharty Betty Combination Bit

“It’s got a really good feel. That mare gets running really fast and almost feels like she gets away from me. She always works, but it’s a little feeling that I should have her more in my hands. That bridle helps me accomplish that feel without getting in her way.”

Shank: ‘Big Betty’ Shank Medium with Minimal Reverse Gag and Rope Nose Combo

“On a horse like VF Cream Rises, when you pull on her she’ll put her nose up and pull on you. I ride that mare a lot in draw reins as well to bring her back to me, so when I pull she doesn’t hollow out; she comes back. I feel like the combo helps me accomplish that without having to run in draw reins. It draws them back from their nose to help you get more collection and get a horse back in your hands.”

Mouthpiece: Two-Piece Twisted Wire

“Everything I’ve rode it on really likes it. A horse that’s a little freer to me that is out in front of me, this combo is what I’ll put on them and it helps me get them collected back up under themselves. It doesn’t constrict them from being able to do their job, either.”

Curb: Loose Chain

“It’s fairly loose. I don’t like the feel when it’s tight.”


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