2020 Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Rookie of the Year and 2018 Barrel Futurities of America World Champion Paige Jones uses the versatile Professional’s Choice Pozzi Lifter in a medium shank three-piece to ride and run most of her horses.

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Pozzi Lifter bit hanging on tack room wall
Photo by Blanche Schaefer

Shank: Medium 6-inch Shank with No Gag

“It’s the regular medium shank, so if you have a horse that’s super bendy it doesn’t get them too tucked under. It’s just a good shank, it’s pretty average, so usually when I get a horse in or I’ve been training one, this is the first bit I put them in and then go from there. I like a quick reaction, because I ride real square, so I know the minute I hit the end of the reins it’s there. I don’t really like gag bits; I feel like it’s too slow of a reaction for the way I ride.”

Mouthpiece: Three-Piece Twisted Wire with Dog Bone

“It’s a slower twist, but it’s not super small so it’s not sharp. I haven’t had a lot of horses throw their head on the backside with it. Sometimes I ride two-handed, so I don’t really like a two-piece. A three-piece is light and works with my hands. A two-piece is a lot sharper, and you have to be careful on the backside if you’re two-handed, because when it bends it will hit the roof of their mouth.”

Curb: Chain

“It’s pretty average tightness; I hardly ever change the curb unless I have a horse that has a bigger head. I like it looser so it waits a little longer [to engage when I pull the reins].”


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