As a girl who would rather wear cowboy boots than high heels, I’m always in search of unique, stylish fashion trends and timeless classics that tap into real-life ranch/rodeo culture, and of course my western roots. Fashions that allow my inner cowgirl-country attitude to roam free are the ultimate fit. This column is dedicated to the all the fashionistas out there, who like me, are everyday cowgirls (strong, independent and set in our ways), but like to punch it up a little when we get off the ranch. Whether it’s a little bling in the arena or time to shine for a night out, most importantly personal style makes a statement, and it’s hard to go wrong with the perfect mix of edgy and classic.

From behind-the-scenes at The of Daddy Of ‘Em All to the rodeo trails of the Northwest, and many races and places in between, I’ve seen everything from funky headbands and Calvary boots, to layered beads, chains and styles influenced by Native American culture.

Put a lid on it



I believe the most defining piece of western attire is the cowboy hat. A cowboy hat is a very personal, and sometimes very expensive item that you don’t just pass around. The cowboy hat has long been valued for its functionality, with the wide brim protecting working cowboys and cowgirls from the sun and rain. It could also be used to signal others, fan a campfire, swat a horse or pull water out of a stream. Today, the cowboy hat “says” so much more. J.W. Brooks of J.W. Brooks Custom Hat Company has tapped into true western individualism with custom hat creations reflecting personal character and style.

“Cowgirl style is all about portraying grace and confidence no matter what you’re wearing or what situation you’re in – even if you don’t feel it. Cowgirl style is not being afraid to get in there and get those boots dirty,” says Jody Brooks, who was behind the inspiration for the Neon Cowgirl Hat Line.

Working closely with their clients to create a look that is customized to reflect individualism, J.W. Brooks Custom Hat Company pairs current trends with timeless western flair to create a piece of wearable art. Worn recently by the likes of top-ranked barrel racer, Carlee Peirce, J.W.’s hats offer quality, style and edgy looks that are great for fall. Check out his Neon Cowgirls Hat Line specifically geared toward the stylish cowgirl. Find J.W. Brooks Custom Hat Co. online at

Classic and trendy threads



Take two timeless classics like Cavalry boots and the classic white tee, paired with your favorite worn jeans, a leopard scarf headband and belt, accented with silver and turquoise necklaces and you’ve got a current, yet classy look. To get the look, contact Redford Ranch Style/Missy Redford located based out of Paducah, Texas, via phone at 806-596-4407 or online find them online at

Take one defining, classic piece, pile on the bangles and you’ve got yourself ready to lead the crowd, rather than follow. You will “stand out in the herd,” with some styles from Redford Ranch, by Missy Redford. I like the Redford Ranch brand because it offers fashions that are “rebelliously beautiful.” I’m all about the free spirit and embracing trends that have always been a little bit different, a little bit edgy. Striving to put the fun back in style, Redford Ranch features an eclectic line of clothing, jewelry and accessories that are sure bring out the sass and fit the bill

Bold in bangles
Jewelry has historically personified various cultures throughout history, and similarly, the jewelry you select says a lot about the “inner you.” So, don a simple red tank top and your favorite pair of jeans, but dress it up by piling on some rustic, funky bangles, ornate necklaces or silver hoops. You’re sure to be an eye-catcher with this completed look. From laser cut metal pendants and hand strung necklaces to chunky chains, metal earrings and cowhide bracelets, I’ve found some pieces that are sure to top off a distinctive fall look. It’s tough to go wrong with a classic red tank and your favorite jeans classed up with rustic bangles and silver tone hoop earrings with a turquoise stone cross topper. I found some great and affordable pieces from Kender West. They strive to create trendy products that are both fashion forward and affordable. Find them online at

Ashley Sorenson Kasner is an accomplished barrel racer who ranches and rodeos with her family in the sandhills of Nebraska near Cody. Email comments on this article to [email protected].


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