Barrel racing is her full time job, but us kids sometimes have school and other commitments that can interfere with our horses’ routines. That is why time management is the only way to succeed. While Lindsay travels to many rodeos, she puts her horses’ care before anything else.

Lindsay started riding horses around 5 years old, but only barrel raced as a hobby in the summer. Her professional barrel racing career came later in her life, and her many accomplishments speak for themselves.

So if you’re 12, like me, time management and routines for you and your horses can be harder to accomplish, but don’t let anything stop your dream. Remember what Lindsay says—butterflies are a good thing, and have fun at what you do.

Here is the rest of my conversation with Lindsay:

Mikayla: Why do you think you get nervous?

Lindsay: If you’re not nervous, then you’re not ready to race. A certain amount of butterflies in your stomach is a good thing. I feel less prepared when I’m not nervous.

M: Do you have any mental exercises that keep you from getting nervous?

L: Yes, I visualize my run three times to get focused on what I’m about to do.

M: What’s the best advice you can give to Youth riders about keeping from being nervous?

L: Be prepared and don’t rush. Make sure that your horses are mentally and physically ready for your race day. Also, if your nervousness gets out of hand, try to change it into positive fun.

My thanks to Lindsay for taking the time to talk to me!


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