There are a few signs you can look for to tell if your horse is having mouth pain. For example, if his feed starts falling out of his mouth when he’s eating, you should check with your vet and see if your horse’s teeth need floating. Floating is the process of filing down all the sharp points in a horse’s mouth, reducing any pain that he might have.

My local vet, Dr. Donald Vice, gives me lots of helpful ideas and advice about different dental problems my horse might have. He says a good time to check your horse’s teeth is when you are preparing to get your horse’s yearly vaccinations and coggins test. And you should always check your horse’s teeth before you begin training or riding it. Also, as a horse gets older, you should check its teeth more often than you would a young horse.

Remember, not only do horses require the right amount of supplements, feed and hay to stay healthy, they also require the right amount of dental attention, too.


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