LAS VEGAS — DECEMBER 11, 2023 —Sissy Winn and A R Dash Ta Flame took home their second Wrangler National Finals go-round win in Round Four with a time of 13.50. Winn and “Scoop” turned in the fastest time of the Wrangler NFR thus far and added another $30,706 to their world standings earnings. The duo from Chapman Ranch, Texas, had a special helper walking them down the alley in Round Four, multiple NFR qualifier, EquiStat Leading Futurity Rider and the lady responsible for Scoop’s training, Danyelle Campbell.

“It was so fun together, and she was loving on him. I know I own him, but I always tell her it’s us — “we” — it’s her boy too,” Winn said of having mentor and friend Campbell in the alleyway at the Thomas and Mack Center for Round Four. “She had him for five, maybe six years. She kicked butt with him. I remember watching him when he was in the [BFA World Championships] Juvenile and thinking, ‘That’s a really cool horse.’ And then years later I was like, I cannot believe I have this horse.”

Scoop is a 2013 gelding by Dash Ta Fame out of Discreat Retreat by Mr Jess Perry and ran to more than $65,233 with Campbell before Winn took the reins in 2022. Scoop was Winn’s main mount throughout the regular season, and he’s not new to the winner’s circle. He’s earned Winn $85,618 of her $109,022 regular-season earnings from 22 rodeos. Now, he’s already picked up two round wins in only four performances, bringing his total NFR earnings thus far to $71,412.82.

Winn and Scoop started the NFR with the Round One win but had two downed barrels in Rounds Two and Three. Winn was able to speak with mentor Campbell as well as jump on Scoop for a practice session prior to Round Four. She also made a tack adjustment, but she was quick to admit the bit change wasn’t the difference in their performance — it was her focus on riding correctly.

“I made my adjustments. I did change a bit, but Danyelle was like, ‘You can run Scoop in whatever,’ and I was like, ‘I know, I know,'” Winn said with a laugh. “It was not the bit. It was 100% me. I just rode him right tonight. He’s just working great.”

Sissy Winn turns first barrel
Sissy Winn and A R Dash Ta Flame took home their second Wrangler National Finals go-round win in Round Four with a time of 13.50. Winn and “Scoop” turned in the fastest time of the Wrangler NFR thus far and added another $30,706 to their world standings earnings. Photo by Kenneth Springer

Winn heads into Round Five in the No. 6 position in the WPRA world standings. The Chapman Ranch, Texas, cowgirl is focusing on her horsemanship, not on the standings, and most importantly she’s focusing on the opportunity to ride a talented horse down the most prestigious alleyway in the rodeo world. She’s quick to note having a great horse underneath her makes all the difference in the world.

“I just think those great horses are the ones you connect with. You know their every step — I know Scoop’s every step,” Winn said. “When I came back around on the first barrel tonight, I thought I’m a little bit tight, so I just squeezed him a little more. I just know him now, and he knows me, and I think that’s what makes a great horse compared to a good horse. We just know that every movement [of each other].”

$1 Million NFR Earner

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi crossed the $1 million mark in career NFR earnings in Round Four. Coming into the 2023 Wrangler NFR, Tonozzi had $928,853 in career NFR earnings. After placing in each round thus far and earning $77,851.26 so far, she successfully breached the $1 million mark in NFR earnings. The EquiStat Leading Owner and No. 3 Leading Rider has more than $4.4 million in EquiStat reported total lifetime earnings as a rider. She also set the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association regular-season earnings record this year with $270,563.42, and the veteran cowgirl from Lampasas, Texas, has qualified for 17 NFRs. Currently, she’s chasing down Hailey Kinsel’s Single-Year Earnings record of $350,700, set in 2018. Her current world standings earnings sit at $348,414.68.

Brittany Tonozzi turns first barrel
Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Jets Top Gun finished second in Round Four of the 2023 Wrangler NFR with a time of 13.52. So far, the duo has earned $77,852.26 in NFR earnings, pushing Tonozzi’s career NFR earnings to more than $1 million. Photo by Kenneth Springer

2023 NFR Barrel Racing Round Four Results

Place, Name, Horse, Time, Money Won

1. Sissy Win / A R Dash Ta Flame / 13.50 / $30,706

2. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi / Jets Top Gun / 13.52 / $24,268

3. Jordon Briggs / Famous Lil Jet / 13.53 / $18,325

4. Emily Beisel / Ivory On Fire / 13.64 / $12,877

5. Jessica Routier / Fiery Miss West / 13.76 / $7,924

6. Lisa Lockhart / Promise Me Fame Guys / 13.77 / $4,953

7. Wenda Johnson / Steal Money / 13.81 

8. Kassie Mowry / CP He Will Be Epic / 13.82 

9. Paige Jones / Famous Hayday / 13.85

10. Hailey Kinsel / DM Sissy Hayday / 13.92

11. Sue Smith / Diamond Center / 13.98

12. Ilyssa Riley / Themajorthriller / 14.18

13. Summer Kosel / Firewaterfrenchfame / 14.33

14. Stevi Hillman / Sand In My Socks / 18.93*

15. Taycie Matthews / Heavenly Firewater / 18.94*

2023 WPRA Top 15 Stats

2023 NFR Barrel Racing Horsepower

2023 NFR Barrel Racing Horses Connections and Stats

Aggregate Standings on Four Runs

Rank, Name, Aggregate Time

1. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi / 54.69

2. Kassie Mowry / 55.02

3. Lisa Lockhart / 55.11

4. Jordon Briggs / 55.17

5. Jessica Routier / 55.24

6. Paige Jones / 55.33

7. Sue Smith / 55.63

8. Hailey Kinsel / 60.68

9. Ilyssa Riley / 60.80

10. Wenda Johnson / 64.82

11. Emily Beisel / 64.93

12. Summer Kosel / 65.95

13. Sissy Winn / 69.53

14. Stevi Hillman / 70.20

15. Taycie Matthews / 71.08

2023 WPRA World Standings (after Round Four)

1. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi / Lampasas, Texas / $348,414.68

2. Lisa Lockhart / Oelrichs, South Dakota / $198,575.50

3. Emily Beisel / Weatherford, Oklahoma / $194,506.17

4. Jordon Briggs / Tolar, Texas / 194,101.64

5. Kassie Mowry / Dublin, Texas / $186,394.93

6. Sissy Winn / Chapman, Texas / $180,435.31

7. Jessica Routier / Buffalo, South Dakota / $157,698.55

8. Taycie Matthews / Wynne, Arkansas / $154,161.40

9. Summer Kosel / Glenham, South Dakota / $149,949.58

10. Stevi Hillman / Granbury, Texas / $149,721.85

11. Sue Smith / Blackfoot, Idaho / $133,968.73

12. Paige Jones / Wayne, Oklahoma / $132,283.54

13. Wenda Johnson / Pawhuska, Oklahoma / $130,506.57

14. Ilyssa Riley / Hico, Texas / $121,473.37

15. Hailey Kinsel / Cotulla, Texas / $115,775.77


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