December 5, 2020 – Arlington, Texas — The buckskin fire bolt that is Rosas Cantina CC sped through Globe Life Field at the bottom of the ground, guided by Lisa Lockhart, to turn in a 17.09 on the standard pattern to conquer Round Three of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

“I think this run was basically a replica of her first run, we just managed to get around the third barrel just a little better,” Lockhart said. “It’s a game of inches. That’s all that mattered is just having those few extra inches, which I didn’t have any to spare tonight, but enough to accomplish what we need to accomplish. She’s been spot-on every night.”

At the bottom of the ground and draw No. 8, Lockhart wasn’t worried about “Rosa” finding her footing. One of her best attributes is her versatility on all types of ground.

“She’s as surefooted as a mountain goat, so she always is spot on and stays very upright in her turns, so I don’t ever worry about the ground with her,” Lockhart said with a laugh. “Deep or hard, she gives it her all.”

Lockhart and Rosa were followed by Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Ima Famous Babe (Dash Ta Fame x Streakin Six Babe x Streakin Six) with a 17.21.

Rosa’s quick speed and willingness to turn is what Lockhart says sets her apart in a pattern like the Globe Life Field standard pattern.

“She’s so fast. Oh my gosh she’s so fast and she loves to turn—there is no doubt in my mind you can send her as hard as you want to send her and she is going to inhale the first barrel,” Lockhart said. “That is a pretty big attribute for her. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s going to turn, and her demise is sometimes turning too tight—we hit a lot of barrels—but I know she wants to do her job.”

Contrast to the Thomas and Mack Center arena’s close-set walls and small pattern, the first and second barrels in Globe Life Field are set far away from walls or fences. The third barrel, however, is close to the back fence. The pattern gives Rosa an advantage with the first and second but tests her tendency to shy away from tight spaces like the Globe Life third barrel or the walls of the Thomas and Mack.

She loves big pens and she’s very claustrophobic, so therefore with the third barrel sitting on the fence it is very claustrophobic feeling for her, which you’ve seen other horses sense that—especially with the first two out in the middle of nowhere,” Lockhart said. “I would just as soon the third be out in the middle of nowhere, but it is what it is. She loves this place tenfold compared to the Thomas and Mack.”

With Tonozzi’s second-place finish, the Lampasas, Texas, cowgirl, who came into the NFR in the No. 1 position in the world standings, moves from fifth in the aggregate to third with eight rounds of competition left. The second-place finish earned Tonozzi $20,731.77, boosting her world standings earnings to $133,109.45 for the No. 2 position behind Hailey Kinsel.

Hailey Kinsel holds onto her lead in the aggregate with a time of 51.903 on three runs as well as holds onto her lead in the world standings with $135,422.40.

Hailey Kinsel 2020 NFR
Hailey Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday hold onto the lead in the aggregate after Round Three of the Wrangler NFR, as well as the lead in the world standings. Photo by Kenneth Springer


Rank, Name, Horse, Time, Money Won

  1. Lisa Lockhart, Rosas Cantina CC, 17.09, $26,230.77
  2. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, Ima Famous Babe, 17.21, $20,730.77
  3. Shelley Morgan, HR Fameskissandtell, 17.22, $15,653.85
  4. Cheyenne Wimberley, Dash Ta Suz, 17.24, $11,000
  5. Stevi Hillman, Cuatro Fame, 17.26, $6,769.23
  6. Brittney Barnett, Chicks Keen O Pocopoo, 17.33, $4,230.77
  7. Jill Wilson, Lean Mean Blue Dean, 17.41
  8. Jimmie Smith, Lena On The Rocks, 17.42
  9. tie Emily Miller, Biddin On Fame, 17.43
  10. tie Jessica Routier, Fiery Miss West, 17.43
  11. Wenda Johnson, Macgyver Moonflash, 17.48
  12. Hailey Kinsel, DM Sissy Hayday, 17.63
  13. Ryann Pedone, JS Milo And Stitch, 17.68
  14. Jessie Telford, Famous Cool Whip, 17.90
  15. Tiany Schuster, Show Mance, 17.91


Rank, Name, Time on three runs

  1. Hailey Kinsel, 51.90
  2. Shelley Morgan, 51.98
  3. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 52.08
  4. Cheyenne Wimberley, 52.10
  5. Stevi Hillman, 52.16
  6. Tiany Schuster, 52.44
  7. Jessica Routier, 52.64
  8. Jill Wilson, 52.65
  9. Brittney Barnett, 52.72
  10. Emily Miller, 52.95
  11. Jessica Telford, 52.98
  12. Wenda Johnson, 53.22
  13. Jimmie Smith, 53.27
  14. Ryann Pedone, 53.71
  15. Lisa Lockhart, 56.54


Rank, Name, Hometown, Earnings,

  1. Hailey Kinsel, $135,422.4
  2. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $133,109.45
  3. Jimmie Smith, $101,252.83
  4. Shelley Morgan, $98,613.42
  5. Tiany Schuster, $96,791.15
  6. Lisa Lockhart, $83,904.14
  7. Stevi Hillman, $80,157.92
  8. Cheyenne Wimberley, $79,039.3
  9. Dona Kay Rule, $77,453.54
  10. Jill Wilson, $63,370.97
  11. Jessica Routier, $61,370.93
  12. Brittney Barnett, $53,796.1
  13. Ryann Pedone, $52,580.60
  14. Emily Miller, $52,388.19
  15. Wenda Johnson, $49,953.14
  16. Jessie Telford, $48,477.2

* No. 16-ranked Jessie Telford replaced No. 3-ranked Dona Kay Rule at the Wrangler NFR


Kailey Sullins is editor of Barrel Horse News, and an avid barrel racer and breakaway roper. Email comments or questions to [email protected]

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