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Lindsay Sears and Martha. (photo by Ty Stockton)

After posting a solid 17.70 to split top honors in the finals with Sue Smith, and most importantly seal her average victory by .15 seconds over runner up Sherry Cervi, Sears recapped her experience.

“Cheyenne is on my list of one of the top five rodeos I enjoy most,” she said. “The competition is tough, and the atmosphere is great. This is the second time I have won Cheyenne [the first was in 2008], and anytime you can win a rodeo like this, it’s special. It’s a hard one to win, it’s something we all dream about, and to win it twice, well, it’s just lucky.”

Sears had to make her own luck in the finals, where she was first out, and it was up to her and Martha to set the bar high.

“It was hard to be the first runner because you know you have to go out there and make a run to put pressure on the rest of them,” Sears said, “but being top of the ground was an advantage considering the ground conditions.

“Martha stumbled at the first barrel and sent us a stride by, so I knew I just had to keep pushing her. It made me have to try harder. She was really running hard.”  

Sears felt that the horses with a lot of speed and power built up going to the first barrel had a harder time, but she was thankful Martha’s maturity and heart helped her handle the situation.

Full coverage of Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, the Calgary Stampede and the California Rodeo in Salinas will be featured in the September issue of Barrel Horse News.

Cheyenne Frontier Days Barrel Racing Results (July 24 – Aug. 1):
First round: 1. Sherry Cervi, 17.62 seconds, $5,021; 2. Lisa Lockhart, 17.63, $4,304; 3. (tie) Sydni Blanchard and Kelli Tolbert, 17.68, $3,347 each; 5. (tie) Kelly Yates and Sue Smith, 17.70, $2,152 each; 7. Jeanne Anderson, 17.71, $1,435; 8. Jetta Abplanalp, 17.72, $956; 9. (tie) Trula Churchill, Lindsey Ewing and Kelly Maben, 17.74, $398 each.

Second round: 1. Lindsay Sears, 17.40 seconds, $5,021; 2. Sherry Cervi, 17.52, $4,304; 3. Angie Meadors, 17.60, $3,586; 4. Kim Schulze, 17.69, $3,108; 5. Ashley Leifeste, 17.74, $2,391; 6. (tie) Sammi Bessert and Jolene Stewart, 17.77, $1,674 each; 8. Sue Smith, 17.80, $956; 9. Rainy Graham, 17.81, $717; 10. Brenda Mays, 17.82, $478.

Finals: 1. (tie) Sue Smith and Lindsay Sears, 17.70 seconds, $3,254 each; 3. Sydni Blanchard, 17.71, $1,860; 4. Jetta Abplanalp, 17.76, $930.

Average: 1. Lindsay Sears, 52.94 seconds on three runs, $7,531; 2. Sherry Cervi, 53.09, $6,456; 3. Sue Smith, 53.20, $5,380; 4. Jetta Abplanalp, 53.40, $4,662; 5. Sydni Blanchard, 53.47, $3,586; 6. Angie Meadors, 53.52, $2,869; 7. Kelli Tolbert, 53.54, $2,152; 8. Jeanne Anderson, 53.78, $1,435; 9. Rainy Graham, 53.85, $1,076; 10. Lisa Lockhart, 53.86, $717.


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