1.    “You cannot give just 50 percent in anything you do. Jobs, sports, hobbies, school or any other endeavor must be done with 100 percent commitment.” – Callie duPerier-Apfell
    2.    “I tend to let my work do the talking, that way I don’t come across as bragging. Nine times out of ten, if a person has to brag about their work, there are flaws somewhere.” – Tim Hensley
    3.    “This game of barrel racing is about confidence from the horse, confidence from the rider, and timing.” – Tami Semas
    4.    “Don’t be afraid to go against all the people that do this for a living. Come and have fun at these futurities and see where you end up.” – Jordon Briggs
    5.    “Fallon has encouraged me to really wear crazy outfits, be myself and stand out.” – McKenzie Morgan
    6.    “We were really close and he liked to watch me ride. Winning this was his way of helping me.” – Amanda Knapp
    7.    “I’ve loved him since the first day I got him.” – Ashley Stopyak
    8.    “It was a dream come true. I’ve been a BRN4D member for three years now and at the finals you drool over those trailers and hope that you can win one, but you never imagine that you’ll actually be the person to win it.” – Brittney Beamer
    9.    “It’s such a monumental thing for me. I think about everything that led to me having Shine – having great mares and then having everything fall apart and then having her show up because no on wanted her. I really do believe – know – that God was clearing my plate so I could pay attention to her. I’m very thankful God has the sight that I don’t, because I went from being really devastated two years to this and not having words to express how grateful I am.” – Kathy Korrell-Rach
    10.    “Don’t ride like you’re trying not to lose, ride to win.” – Cashen Turner

Compiled by Kailey Sullins, managing editor

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