1. “I really liked that IPRA rodeos were easy to go to for people who have a life outside rodeo. I’m going to school full time for nuclear medicine, and I also hold a full-time job working in an Alzheimer’s and dementia unit, so those are the kinds of rodeos I was able to attend and still continue my everyday life during the week and haul hard on the weekends to make the finals.” – Jodi Colton

2. “He would definitely be The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). When you watch those movies with him, he’s so powerful, and when I look at Smash, he’s a huge horse, just a tank. Everything about him is big—his head and feet and body, and everything is like The Rock.” – Taci Bettis

3. “If the shoulders and head are out of alignment, chances are the horse’s nose is bent in too much, the shoulder is dropped in or fading out. If that’s the case, adjust those imaginary arrows using two hands on the reins to line the head and shoulders back up.” – Charmayne James

4. “The only pressure you have is the pressure you put on yourself.” – Nellie Miller

5. “He was a force to be reckoned with regardless of my amateur status and riding skills,” said Sharon, who now resides in Blanchard, Oklahoma. “He was wonderful to haul. He had an even temperament. He was a dream.” – Sharon Smith-Davis

6. “There’s a fine line with asking the horse to break at the poll.” – Ashley Schafer

7. “There are many causes of equine lameness, and there is no part of the horse’s body that stands alone in a state of balanced health.” – Stephen Fisch, DVM

8. “I’m extremely competitive, and I didn’t want to look like an idiot,” Kate said. “I wanted to be ready to do it and do it right.” – Kate McMahon

9. “It seems like Mona always pulls through even when she’s at her worst, or when something goes wrong she always seems to redeem herself.” – Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi

10. “When she’s done running, she’ll just chill out like, ‘Hey, did you see me go?’ She can be pretty proud of herself sometimes.” – Nicole Love



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