We asked Dustin Angelle, Sharin Hall and multiple world champion Mary Burger what must-have items they can’t live without on the road—each one makes sure they stay healthy, hydrated and alert.

Dustin Angelle

Well, one thing I must have on the road is Starbucks coffee every morning.I have to have my Starbucks! Whenever it comes to equipment with my horses, I always have to have my own reins. I’m very, very picky about my reins.

Mary Burger

Usually we always throw in cheese crackers and granola bars or something like that, and Mo loves granola bars. If he finds me eating one and I’m anywhere near him, I have to share it with him—he likes that.

I guess if [there was one thing I couldn’t leave without], it would be everything I could possibly need for my horse’s comfort, and if any sort of problem were to arise, I would want to be with my liniments, antibiotics, plenty of feed, grooming tools and horse shoeing tools. We never leave for a futurity [without shoeing tools], or even if we leave for a jackpot, Kerry always keeps shoeing supplies and I carry a bag for things that might jump up.

Sharin Hall

I have a really good team right now that I like hanging with, and they help me tremendously. I can’t be where I’m at without people behind me who support me.

One thing I do physically take for myself is a product called Exfuze. It’s basically a daily supplement of vitamins, and it’s all-natural super berries. One thing I don’t leave the house without to compete is they have a juice called Focus, and it really, really helps my brain and helps me stay alert and aware so I can think through my runs. I compete with that every run, just like I use Gastro-Plex with my horses.

Article by Kailey Sullins, managing editor of Barrel Horse News.


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