Have you ever wondered what the professionals use and can’t live without while they’re hauling down the road? Is there a certain bit, supplement, or even a new product that could potentially help your horse? This blog will find those answers. A couple times a month we’ll  be interviewing some of the best in the business to find out what “must-haves” they can’t leave home without. For our first installation, we caught up with Sherry Cervi, Hailey Kinsel, and Stevi Hillman.

For Women’s Professional Rodeo Association multiple world champion Sherry Cervi, it’s her bits. She says she definitely has to have a couple of her bits with her that she uses on all ages of horses. Her two favorites are the long-shank Sherry Cervi twisted three-piece and the Petska chain gag.

When we asked 2017 RFD-TV’s The American Barrel Racing Champion Hailey Kinsel, she jokingly said, “probably my horse, the rest I can borrow or get by without.” But along with Cervi, Kinsel too says it’s her bits and specifically the correct bit for each horse. She says she loves all her bits, but if she were to pick one bit it would be a short-shank, three-piece mouthpiece with a dog bone in the middle.

Pendleton Barrel Racing Champion and NFR qualifier Stevi Hillman says for her, it’s any and all fruit.

“I don’t really have a favorite, because I love them all. Strawberries, mangos, all of them,” Hillman said.

Along with fruit, she says gummy worms are ranked right up there at the top. For the horses, it would certainly be the Equissager massager.

“The Equissager helps with the long hours hauling,” Hillman said. “As soon as we get where we’re going, I give them a treatment. This really helps loosen up the muscles and relaxes the gut which allows them to rest easier.”

This article was written by Shelby McCamey.


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