Well-known futurity trainer Molli Montgomery is getting the limelight this week as we jump in her trailer to find out what must-have items are essential in her gear bag. 

The first of her equine hauling must-haves is OE Nutraceuticals Align. Montgomery says it helps keep each of her horses eating, helps them recover after their runs easier and keeps their gut healthy in many ways. 

The next is a slow feed hay bag. Montgomery says she keeps them full of coastal Bermuda hay while at the shows.

“I love them because it gives them something to do, and they don’t get as nervous if they’re sitting there with something to do,” Montgomery said. “It also helps keep your stalls cleaner.”

Montgomery’s last equine must-have is having Don Lee, DVM, owner of XX Equine, on speed dial. Montgomery says Lee is great about answering the phone with any questions she has. Lee has helped in so many ways because of his personable, practical and realistic attitude.

“Having a great vet on speed dial, and one who will actually answer whenever I call is worth so much,” Montgomery said. 

Not only do barrel racers have our equine must-haves, but there are a few things we need to help keep our sanity. Montgomery has three non-horse items she could not live without, the first being her help, Tristan Mounts.

“I’ve gone to two futurities without her, and I will never do it again. I almost died,” Montgomery said. “I don’t like it at all. I rely on her so much.”

One of the most important things Montgomery says about having someone there who can help you is they need to be reliable, trustworthy, and understand the importance of what barrel racers do. Mounts is all of the above for Montgomery. 

MolliMontgomeryMolli Montgomery. Photo by Kenneth Springer

Omeprazole isn’t just for horses, but it’s also for humans. This is something that helps Montgomery stay cool, calm and collected at the futurities and not sick at her stomach. Montgomery says she will start taking it a few days prior, during, and a couple days post-futurity because if not, she will be in her trailer sick. These runs are very important and stressful and can allow the acids in the stomach to start acting up. 

Last, but certainly not least, is her canine sidekick Willie. If you know anything about Molli Montgomery, then you know her smiling yet slightly ferocious best friend is her world. Montgomery says Willie can turn her day around. 

“I could have the worst run of my life, so I’ll just escape to the trailer and it’s like he just resets my brain,” Montgomery said. “When I walk in and see him smile, everything bad is erased. Seeing his smile just reminds me of everything I should be happy about.” 

Article by Shelby McCamey, an avid barrel racer and native Texan. 


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