Dally Parker says there are a few things she couldn’t haul without. The first is the 13-year-old’s personal favorite—her lucky black shirt. 

“I am so superstitious, I have to have my black shirt,” Parker said. “That’s the one thing I have to have; if I don’t have my black shirt, then I automatically think I’m not going to win. Most of my winnings have been when I was wearing that black shirt.”

For Parker’s two mares, “Charm” and “Chunky,” hay and jolly balls with molasses are necessities for them, because they help keep them occupied while being stalled at the shows. Another essential item when Parker hauls is Rest Assured Stall Pads. Parker carries the stall pads with her in the hay pod of the trailer so they are always available for her to use them when stalled on hard surfaces. The pads are also installed under the rubber mats in her horse trailer for an easier and softer ride for the horses. 

DallyParkerDally Parker. Photo by Shelby McCamey

“This is one of the main things that keeps my horses from not being sore while traveling down the road, because they have the soft ride which allows their legs to stay tight and be ready to run,” Parker said.

The stall pads helped 20-year-old Charm make the long haul to Las Vegas for the All In Barrel Race comfortably. 

Terlip is a Jolly Rancher-loving girl who has to have her candy, but especially her favorite flavor cherry. Another personal must-have is her CR Ranchwear shirts. 

“CR Ranchwear is such a great and easy company to work with because you can customize them however you want them,” Terlip said. “They also fit really well too. They look and fit really good.” 

Terlip says one of her favorite features of the shirts are the shirt’s buttons instead of snaps, which ease worry about catching it on her saddle horn. The other is that the tail and arms are longer, so when making a run and putting your arms out they don’t ride up and the shirt doesn’t come untucked. 

“A lot of thought went into these shirts,” Terlip said. “I would describe them as every barrel racer’s dream, because you can get them in whatever color to match and they fit and look good.”

For her equine must-haves, Terlip couldn’t decide on just one so she narrowed it down to three. 

The first is a custom bit created by Troy Flaharty.

“I called and explained to him what kind of bit I needed for this particular horse, and he made it and I have loved it ever since,” Terlip said. “Every single horse that comes into my barn will get rode in this bit at some point because I just love it so much.” 

The other two must-haves are OE Nutraceuticals and PHT magnetic hoods and blankets. Terlip says the OE Clean is her favorite supplement, because it promotes more oxygen to stay the blood and lungs, which allows horses to fire and run harder. The reason she loves the PHT products is because it allows her to see specifically where her horse is hurting instead of it being a guessing game. Terlip became a believer in the PHT products when her horse with a TMJ problem started eating normally and quit rubbing against her when he had the hood on.

Karsyn Daniels, like Terlip, says one of her must-haves are PHT products. Daniels’ favorite PHT products are the leg wraps and blanket. Along with her PHT products, Daniels’ mares need Flairstrips, Oxy-Gen products, and Acu-Life patches. 

“Jailbreak and Triple Threat Oxy-Gen products are must-haves when running my horses, because it really helps them run harder,” Daniels said.

The Acu-Life patches help keep Daniels’ horses from getting sore, as well as helping to work out soreness if any is present. 

“My horses stay calm from the patch we put on their temples, and I can tell a huge difference whenever [my mare] is not patched,” Daniels said. “We also put the patches anywhere [the horses] are sore, but most of the time we put them on their withers and ovaries. Of course I ride crabby mares, so we put [Acu-Life patches] over their ovaries, especially during the spring time.” 

Simplicity at its finest, Daniels’ personal must-haves are the necessities to enter: her shirt, hat, boots, and jeans. She also says she wears the same turquoise striped Cinch shirt and 7 For All Mankind Dojo jeans to the bigger barrel races because “they’ve always been lucky.” 

Article and photo by Shelby McCamey. McCamey is an avid barrel racer and Texas native. 


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