In the first few weeks of life, a foal is experiencing the new world from the outside. However, from the inside, his body is creating a whole new world – a world of complex, beneficial “bugs” called microbes. These microbes live in the gut and are responsible for helping the foal establish a strong immune system and protecting the gut from harmful pathogens.

In the weeks following birth, microbes begin to populate the gut, which is essential for a healthy foal. One way to help establish a healthy population of microbes in the gut is through the use of a probiotic paste.

Probiotics have been shown to support microbes in the gut as they combat harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, Rotavirus, E. Coli, and Clostridium. A healthy gut may also help reduce the chance of diarrhea and whole body sepsis in foals.

Transform DSI® Paste is designed to support a healthy gut by providing beneficial probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. It may be used as early as day No. 2 of life to help support a healthy colony of “good bugs” in the gut.

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