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Here at Barrel Horse News, we know you can’t afford to waste time or money on equipment that won’t properly maintain your property. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the most trusted names in the industry to bring you highlights of equipment designed to make your life a little easier. Browse our Barn, Arena and Farm Equipment Guide for tools to help save you time, make better use of your money and protect your property.







For the Arena

  Kiser SpeedMaster from ABI Equine
Prepare your arena for speed events from the ground up with the Kiser SpeedMaster arena drag. Designed for use in barrel racing, roping, and general rodeo events the Kiser SpeedMaster offers the ultimate in footing maintenance control. It allows faster run times and more consistency from run to run than ever before, all while helping to protect both horse and rider from injury.
The SpeedMaster allows for more independent control from the frame than any other drag on the market. It features an adjustable double row of offset teeth to rip deep and loosen even hard-set dirt. The leveling blade can be adjusted from the seat of the tractor and moves independently from the main frame of the drag, allowing the user to simultaneously level and consistently groom the arena. Double offset rows of grooming rods condition the arena footing to ensure ridge-free consistency, and can be easily replaced or adjusted with no tools required.
The manually adjustable rolling basket controls the drag’s operating depth, pulverizes dirt clods, packs dirt to create a stable footing and leaves a small top coat of loose dirt for cushion. Finally, the adjustable floating finish rake allows the SpeedMaster to create the perfect finish in nearly any condition.
Like all ABI products, the SpeedMaster is sold factory-direct. To purchase the SpeedMaster, inquire about pricing, or browse other Kiser products, call (877) 788-7253 or visit

    Arena WerksTM Lonestar by Snodgress Equipment
The right equipment can mean the difference between being a good barrel racer and being the best. That equipment includes your barrel saddle, practice equipment, and now, thanks to Snodgress Equipment, your arena drag. Snodgress, the makers of the Arena WerksTM line of drags, is proud to introduce the Lonestar, an arena drag designed specifically for barrel racing.
Like other Arena WerksTM drags, the Lonestar moves dirt in a circular motion, evenly distributing dirt for a level surface area with no clods. While the original Arena WerksTM drag consisted of one eight-foot circle, the Lonestar features four two-foot circles, spaced further apart to leave more traction on the arena floor. This traction will help barrel horses maintain their footing during tight turns, leading to better times and reducing the chance of injury. The smaller circles also fit closer behind the tractor for less resistance.
The Lonestar features eight rippers also designed to create more traction while still breaking up dirt clods. It is held to the same manufacturing standards as other Arena WerksTM drags, including welded or replaceable teeth. The Lonestar is available in six-, seven-, eight-, and nine-foot models with prices ranging from $2,900 to $4,300 depending on size.
To find an Arena WerksTM dealer near you, visit or call 817-645-5200.

 BHN 15 Equip DJ Reveal Reveal 4-N-1
Spring is just around the corner.
Whether you manage a professional arena or ride in your own backyard, it is time to let the Reveal 4-N-1 help you get the best result for your space. The Reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena and ground prep tool, hydraulically designed to make ground preparation and maintenance easier and less time consuming.
As the name implies, the 4-N-1 provides the function of four major tools. It serves as a chisel plow, capable of plowing up to 7.5 inches deep; a scraper box, used to carry bulk material or fill holes; a harrow beam, raking the ground and breaking up large clumps; and a pulverizer roller, breaking up smaller clumps and firming the surface.
The 4-N-1 is available in 6-, 7-, and 8-foot tools. The 4-N-1 can also be built in widths of 10, 12, or 14 feet upon request, and are ready to ship in about two weeks. Several optional kits are available, to make the 4-N-1 meet your needs, including a water kit, rear wheel kit and laser kit.
Virtually anyone working with landscapes can do it better and with less effort with the 4-N-1. It can be used on gravel, sand, clay, dirt, rubber-added and more. This is the only tool endorsed by the National Barrel Horse Association and the ANHA.
Pricing depends on size and options. For a quick estimate or to learn more about the 4-N-1, visit or call 937-444-2609.

   Lucas Metal Works Inline Mower Caddy
Maximize your disc-mower’s productivity and expand the life of your tractor with the Inline Mower Caddy, the newest innovation from Lucas Metal Works. This hydraulic caddy is the ultimate solution for getting the most from your disc-mower. The unit’s counter balanced frame was designed to be 300 pounds heavier than any other caddy on the market, allowing for more safety and stability when using larger mowers, without requiring an additional bolt on weight attachment. Because it eliminates vibrations, the caddy will also help extend the life of your tractor. No matter the terrain or weather conditions, the Inline Mower Caddy will help you achieve more from your equipment. Hydraulic hoses come standard with each unit.
Like all Lucas Metal Works’ farm equipment, the Inline Mower Caddy was based on suggestions from farmers and equipment dealers in the company’s home state of Oklahoma and was tested on those farms under real working conditions.
Lucas Metal Works equipment is available from dealers throughout the United States and Canada, with new dealers regularly joining the Lucas Metal family. To locate a dealer near you, call 866-689-8904 or visit

   FarmTek Barrel Racing System
Speed and accuracy are the keys to a successful race, but both are worthless without consistent, reliable timekeeping. For over 25 years, FarmTek has provided high quality, American made electronic timing systems for rodeos, English riding events, ATV races, athlete training, and more.
The FarmTek barrel racing system automatically starts and stops as the rider crosses an electric eye beam in the arena for simple, hands-free timing in barrel racing, pole bending and other speed events. The timer can be set to ignore intermediate beam breaks for multiple-pass events like the figure eight and relays. For each new rider, the timer automatically starts at zero, meaning no manual reset is required and riders won’t have to wait on a timed reset. Penalties can be added and will automatically update on any connected scoreboard.
The barrel racing system can be upgraded to time additional events, such as team roping and ranch sorting, and features convenient wireless operation, making it easy to set up and tear down.
Included in the FarmTek barrel racing system are the Polaris timing console, one pair of electronic eyes, two tripods, a custom hard-shell carrying case, and batteries for all the equipment. The system retails for $804 and can be purchased through FarmTek’s website at, or by calling 1-800-755-6529.


For the Barn and Pasture

  EZFount™ from Classic Equine® By Ritchie®
One of our most important natural resources is also one of the fundamental keys to your livestock’s health – fresh, clean water. Thanks to Classic Equine® and Ritchie®, an automatic watering solution designed specifically for your horse is now available.
The EZFount is a simple and effective replacement for the bucket. It attaches in minutes to any standard garden or washing machine hose, allowing for a variety of portable or permanent mounting options. The heavy-duty polyethylene construction is strong enough to last for years – the EZFount comes with a full 10-year warranty — and is easy to clean.
EZFount is the fastest way to provide clean, temperate water in any climate for up to 20 head of livestock. The fresh water will encourage your horse to drink more, resulting in better performance, higher feed efficiency, and fewer episodes of colic. Because the EZFount utilizes a smaller surface area and running water, it reduces run-off and evaporation and creates less breeding ground for insects. All things considered, the EZFount is better for your horse and better for the environment.
The EZFount retails for $349.99. To learn more or locate a dealer near you, visit


   Stall Grazers 3 in 1 Horse Feeders from ProPanel
Your horse was designed to graze, eating from a head-down position over approximately 17 hours each day. While modern feeding habits have disrupted this natural behavior, the Stall Grazer 3-in-1 Feeder from ProPanel can help your horse return to eating the way nature intended.
The Stall Grazer’s unique hay feeder design consists of one large molded polyurethane center compartment for hay and two smaller side compartments for loose salt, minerals, grain, or nutritional supplements. Over time, the Stall Grazer will retrain your horse to eat smaller portions throughout the day instead of binging a few times a day. This keeps the horse more comfortable and prevents bad stall habits, making it an ideal choice for box stalls or in horse runs.
The feeder sits comfortably at ground level, perfectly conforming to the horse’s natural grazing position. Because the hay stays in the feeder, it protects your horse from sand and other colic-causing material, as well as preventing wasted hay and feed.
The Stall Grazer 3-in-1 feeder is available for $169.95 plus shipping. To order your 3-in-1 feeder or to locate a dealer near you, call 208-989-9991 or visit


For Your Peace of Mind

  Pro Vision Equine
Whether it’s your best barrel horse, your new trailer, or your daughter heading out to her first solo barrel race, there are things in your truck that need protection. Pro Vision Equine was founded by horsemen for horsemen to provide that desired protection.
Pro Vision Equine Surveillance, a division of Pro Vision Global Digital Surveillance, brings the perfect solution for security and surveillance for anyone from pleasure riders to professionals. Pro Vision works with clients to determine what type of security system they need. Cameras are mounted to the trailer and wired with Internet access, turning the trailer into its own surveillance “hot spot.” This allows the client to view the camera feed on his or her phone in real time in the proximity of the trailer without using cell phone data.
A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system will be installed in the trailer and will record digital images to a hard disk drive. Since the video images are stored digitally, the image quality will not degrade over time. Saving the security footage on DVR allows users to search the footage by camera, time, date, and more, and can be accessed online at any time.
Pro Vision’s team of security experts will offer a free pricing quote and will work with you to ensure a cost-effective security plan to protect what you’re passionate about. To learn more, visit


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