Saddles and Tack

  Double J Saddlery:

Double J Saddlery is proud to be the exclusive saddle maker for two-time world champion barrel racer Brittany Pozzi. The partnership between Pozzi and Double J began 12 years ago when Pozzi approached Double J for a special saddle that would fit her specific needs. She needed a saddle that would let her ride very square, and “up” throughout her run, and with a higher cantle so she could ride with two hands anywhere on the pattern and feel safe. She needed swells that were high enough to stabilize her even on a front-endy horse, but not so wide they interfered with her legs. Pozzi has ridden her favorite Double J saddle to championships on seven different horses. It’s extremely convenient that her favorite saddle is available in several fits, and has a three-way adjustable rigging to aid in positioning the saddles on different horses’ backs. Not only are Double J Saddles crafted with performance in mind, they are arguably the most beautiful saddles on the market. These saddles are completely customizable, with a wide range of options such as crystals, cropped skirts, vintage conchos, engraved stirrups and unique twists, like buck stitching and exotic inlays. The Pozzi Pro Racer comes in sizes 12.5″-16″, including all half sizes, and starts at $2,395.
To order the Pozzi Pro Racer and view other Double J saddles, or to find a Double J retailer near you, call 1-800-669-2535 or visit





  Cashel – Cowboy Kid Saddles

Cashel stands for helping young riders learn the basics. For young riders who are serious about competing, Cashel Company introduces a line of saddles to help them in their chosen discipline. Cowboy Kid® Saddles are designed specifically to help keep them in the correct position, allowing them to focus on balance, control, and the basics of their sport. The Barrel Racer features a deep seat pocket, prominent swells, and horn that is easy for small hands to hold. The Roper keeps the rider in good position to deliver the loop, with a horn that is easy to reach and just the right size for learning to dally. The Rancher is tough enough for all day work with a comfortable seat pocket and roping horn. One of the best features of the Cowboy Kid Saddles is adaptability to riders as they grow. With fully adjustable stirrups and the addition of a seat shrinker, you can start with a child who wears size 4 Western jeans and can keep the same saddle until size 14 regular. This saddle is the perfect addition to your family of riders.
To view online, and find local retailers, visit


  Boz Saddlery

Have you ever tried running a race in wooden shoes? This is the analogy Boz Saddlery uses to describe what wooden trees in traditional saddles are like when riding. Their slogan: “A Wooden Saddle Tree Only Fits a Wooden Horse,” is why Boz Saddlery has designed the Ultimate Light Barrel Racer Saddle. With 75 years of development and 45 years in the business, Boz saddles have been developed by some of the top riders in the world and are hand made right here in the USA. The Ultimate Lightweight Barrel Racer Saddle features a patented Boz Springflex tree; a strong, yet flexible tree designed to conform to your horse’s natural movements. Among the many unique features of this saddle are non-restricting forward slant horns, forward hung stirrup leathers, a bulkless rigging behind your leg instead of under it, and the rear points of the saddle float 1 ½” up off the loins for more hind end power and maximum performance. Each saddle has a pebble grip Boz horn, Boz trademark pebble grip leather and shin bone relief stirrups. Boz saddles require no saddle pad, which decreases bulk and weight, making this saddle weigh an astounding 20 pounds. This is the ultimate lightweight, performance race saddle.
Want to see the difference? Visit to see videos and all 24 features that make this saddle like no other on the market. You can also email [email protected] and call (559) 542-1269 for further assistance.


  Martin Saddlery – New FX3 saddle completes the Martin Saddlery line

Riding styles differ greatly from one barrel racer to the next, leading Martin Saddlery to envision saddles that will bring out the strengths of riders on both sides of the spectrum. Introducing the new FX3 Barrel Saddle by Martin Saddlery, specifically designed for those of you who ride horses that drop hard, or need to be pushed through the turn. The seat of the FX3 accommodates riders who ride shorter stirrups and sit deep on their pockets, but still allows them to move forward easily, keeping time with acceleration out of the turn. The prominent swell with leg cut keeps riders positioned back and secure on a hard-dropping horse by letting them keep their knees forward. In the back of the turn, the FX3’s fenders easily swing forward to keep riders down in the back of the saddle. The FX3 has found favor with those who ride hard-rating horses, who need to sit deep to push them through the pattern. The 3.5″ horn allows for a full handgrip, and is tilted forward to stay out of the rider’s way and give maximum leverage. The FX3 is designed with Martin’s exclusive adjustable rigging, increasing its versatility and adaptability. The FX3 is available in 6.5″, 6.75″, 7″ gullet and wider. Martin Saddlery has earned a reputation for craftsmanship by those who are particular about excellence. All Martin Saddles, including the FX3 are hand crafted and custom quality from the Axis® Tree, to conchos, seat styles, stirrups, hand tooling, and much more.
Find a local dealer, or make it your own with the saddle configurator at


  Corriente Saddle Company

Corriente barrel saddles, such as model CSB 504 (pictured), are designed to provide comfort and performance in speed events or out on the trail where a lightweight saddle is a must. The deep seats in the barrel saddles ensure excellent rider positioning, and stability. The featured saddle is available in sizes 12″-16″ and is embellished with wild rose tooling and an imitation elephant seat. All Corriente barrel saddles can be customized. To view your available options, visit the company website. Saddles are handcrafted from start to finish and other pieces of tack can be created to match your saddle. Producing an event this summer? Don’t forget Corriente Saddle Company builds stunning trophy saddles at a great price. Corriente also builds a wide range of saddles for various equine disciplines such as team roping and calf roping saddles, Wade saddles, show saddles, youth saddles, steer wrestlers, ranch cutters and cutting saddles. Corriente Saddle Company is a family-owned and operated business located in New Mexico. The Baize family collectively competes at every level of rodeo from amateur to professional all over the U.S. What started as making their own trophy saddles for their local jackpots has grown into producing and distributing their own line of saddles, tack, and trophy buckles. Over 70,000 customers have purchased Corriente saddles and other products since the Baize family opened the business nearly 20 years ago.
To view more Corriente saddles, visit their website at For more information or to order a Corriente saddle you can also call 915-525-9009 or 575-874-3388


  Teskeys – Kick Ass Tack

Just in time for the summer season, Teskey’s Saddlery presents their exclusive tack line: Kickin Ass Tack. Now, both you and your horse can keep up with the latest fashions in Western tack without blowing your budget. This exclusive tack line by Teskey’s Saddlery is edgy, and really adds the “wow” factor, while still being functional and comfortable on a horse. Made specifically with barrel racers in mind, Kick Ass Tack features sets of coordinating headstalls and breast collars. These beautiful designs range from trendy sugar skulls and Indian Chiefs to more traditional styles such as basket weave and flower stamps. All sets include high quality features like fancy stitching and engraved buckles. Kick Ass Tack even offers fringe for a definite flair, and the very popular seed beading inlays. This particular blue buck-stitched beaded breast collar and matching headstall features hand painted blue flowers and hand beading, making this set a true work of art. Kick Ass Tack has all the detailing and quality embellishments of hand made tack at a very reasonable price, starting as low as $195. Both men and women are sure to find a something to incorporate into their Western lifestyle.
Teskey’s offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. To see more options of the Kickin Ass tack line, visit their newly updated website, or stop by the store in Weatherford, Texas for the full Teskey’s shopping experience.


  Soft Touch® Cinch by Reinsman

Reinsman designs tack to keep your horse performing at their maximum level, which is why The Soft Touch® Cinch by Reinsman is a must-have on your saddle. These cinches are designed to endure years of heavy use. They are made with extra-soft, non-chafing or galling neoprene that reduces girth itch and chafing under extreme performance conditions. Their patented six layer system eliminates twist and cinch distortion, so it’s flexible to move with your horse. It’s incredibly tough and impervious to spurs, barbed wire and brush. The Soft Touch® Cinch is the ideal girth for comfort and durability in all-riding conditions. With a dealer network spanning across the United States and internationally look for the Reinsman brand, the top choice for performance equipment.
The Soft Touch® cinches, and the complete Reinsman line of products can be purchased through


  Custom Tack

This slide ear headstall is part of a new line of crystal headstalls from Custom Tack. This handmade headstall is made of Hermann Oak leather with stainless steel hardware. Matching breastcollars are also available. Custom Tack has multiple new prints to choose from such as crocodile, snakeskin, paisley and many more. You can also choose from stamped leather, accent dots or crystals. Contact Custom Tack and start creating your custom set today. Custom Tack has been in the tack business for over 16 years. They are a small shop focusing on customer service and providing custom tack products that are functional as well as unique. Contact them for all your customized awards needs, whether it is a large association or small club. Email [email protected] or call 512-446-6558









  The Tack Stop – Rein Tail

The Tack Stop is the one stop shop founded by barrel racing competitor, Carolyn Richens, that brings you their uniquely designed Rein Tail, which is intended to help extend your competition barrel reins. Have you ever had the problem of your reins being a little too short when mounting or even while riding during your warm up? The Tack Stop Rein Tail is attached to your own reins to extend your reach. Keep your competition reins short, but still have a little extra reach when you need it. The Rein Tail makes mounting your horse much easier by letting you hold your reins straight, keeping your horse still while you mount. The Rein Tail is lightweight and easy to attach, and can even be customized in many different colors.
The Rein Tail is exclusively available at the Tack Stop. Visit their website at for all your barrel racing needs.


  Neil Merrill Bits – Short Gag Three Piece Twisted Wire

The team of Neil and Barbara Merrill has spent many years learning to understand horses, and how to better communicate with them. Over the years, Barbara has had much success in the barrel racing pen, not only with wins and titles, but training multiple horses that have gone on to homes with new riders where they have achieved wonderful results. The Short Gag Three Piece Twisted Wire bit (pictured) is soft and direct. It is less likely to offend a horse in the turn. It is also a great first bit for colts to help create proper head position in the turn. You can even put it on a finished horse that does not accept much leverage. Making this a must-have bit to add to your program. This bit is available in three mouthpieces has a 5″ shank. “We strive to design bits that have a balance between how aggressive or passive of a bit a horse may need and accept, without offending the horse, which may lead to resistance,” says Neil Merrill. “These designs tend to be a little softer when the horse has proper head position, thus encouraging the horse to accept help with less resistance.” No bit is the “magic secret” to success and success comes down to the rider’s hands and timing, however, Neil Merrill Bits can help make communication with the horse cleaner and clearer.
To place an order or to find out more about the Merrill’s products and clinics visit


  5 Star Equine Pads

5 Star Equine Products mix luxury with purpose when it comes to their Contoured Barrel Pads. Brand new colors like Grape Gator and Turquoise Laredo are not only eye catching, but the pads also conform to your horse for ultimate fit and protection. The contoured pads have a true French Curve back line and adapt to the wither height of any animal. This provides crucial airflow down the back line. The felt is pressed, high-density 100 percent virgin wool, and is truly like no other on the market. By using the highest quality virgin wool and strict manufacturer’s specifications, these pads provide the best compression protection out there. 5 Star Equine pads keep your saddle in place while keeping your horse comfortable, resulting in optimal performance. 5 Star Equine Contoured Barrel Pads are available in square or round-skirted styles, and start as low as $180.00. Pads are available in black, natural, cinnamon, and chocolate colors with thickness ranging from ½” under-pads to full 1 1/8″ roper pads. They can also be completely customized: add tooled, stamped, hair-on, and exotic wear leathers to any pad. Do you need award pads for your next event or club organization? 5 Star Equine can accommodate any custom embroidery of logos and add genuine Swarovski Crystals. Contact 5 Star Equine for special pricing! Make your event memorable with an award that is not only stunning, but also offers the greatest comfort for your equine partner.
5 Star Equine strives to provide products that are naturally the best and all pads are handmade in the U.S.A. To see all options available or to place an order, visit or call 870-389-6328.


  Pro Orthopedic Custom Pad Leathers

With a foundation in sports medicine, PRO Orthopedic has access to many materials and cutting edge technology that has not yet hit the equine world, making their pads revolutionary and extremely high quality. The H70 Roper Pad is their best seller. It features a high density EVA foam sandwiched between two pieces of felt. This particular foam has instant rebound capabilities and a high percentage of shock absorption, which allows for a very comfortable fit without sacrificing your horse’s protection. It can also be cut to a customized size. For instance, a 28″ pad is their barrel racing size pad and is done on a regular basis for their barrel racing customers. New for 2015 is the ability to customize your pads with amazing new leathers from beautiful bronze gator to cheetah print. You name it and they will get it for you. They have delved into the realm of limited editions of high-end exotics, and come across one-of-a-kind hides they simply can’t pass up. They will only make five to six pads out of each hide, so quantities are limited, making your high-end pad unique. PRO Orthopedic not only produces a high quality pad, but they have an eye for style in exceptional hides. PRO Orthopedic takes tremendous pride in providing the best possible products for the equine industry. They refuse to sell anything they won’t use on their own horses. PRO Orthopedic spends years of product development and research before they even introduce a new pad to the market.
Visit their website at to check out their full selection of pads and customized options.


  Ortho Equine – Cloud Blanket Pad

There are a variety pads out there to choose from but there are also many reasons to choose Ortho Equine’s Cloud Blanket Pad. This pad has unique features like adjustable shims for a better fit. The under lining is a “chamois-like” material that helps grip to the horse without pulling any hair, and the pockets have inserts for shimming. Over time your horse’s back changes through muscle gained or lost, age, etc. Therefore, this product was designed to let riders adjust the pad as those changes occur instead of having to replace a saddle pad or even a saddle. The shims are easy to adjust and they allow you to build up padding in certain areas or take padding away where you don’t need it. The Cloud Blanket is available in a wide range of stunning colors, in both solids and patterns. Sizes are 34×30″ and 34×36″ and start at $130. Ortho Equine was established as a subsidiary of Ortho Care, an orthopedic manufacturer. They utilize some of the same technology from the human orthopedic industry in the equine market, and even test on human subjects. You can purchase the Cloud Blanket Pad online or through one of their distributors. When you purchase an Ortho Equine Blanket pad you will also receive a free DVD that features Animal Krackers Equine Therapy explaining how to shim for certain problem areas. Visit for more information.


  Schneider Performance Pads

Schneider Performance Wool Blend Pads are great looking, lightweight, and handmade by an experienced horsewoman. Darla Schneider constructs each pad in two parts, first with a cutout for the withers and second, with extra-soft leather in the front to keep the pad from pulling down over the withers. Each pad is contoured for a close fit. The pads are 5/8″ thick and the 65% wool blend is compact, but soft. Schneider Performance Pads come in a children’s size (28″ x 26″), starting at $125; average size (32″ x 30″), starting at $160; and a new, larger size (34″ x 32″), starting at $190. Each pad is also fully customizable with various colors, wear leathers and embroidery that is available. In addition to the Performance Pads, a racehorse pad is also available. Racehorse pads are cut out like an exercise saddle with the same great features as the Performance Pads. They are 28″ x 26″ in thick. Veterans like Joy Wargo, Jackie Jatzlau and P.J. Burger are among many horsemen and women using Schneider Performance Pads. To learn more, visit or follow Schneider Performance Pads on Facebook. Contact Schneider Performance Pads by phone at 405-205-3554.


  Best Ever Pads

Best Ever Pads have made their mark on the industry through the company’s experience, quality, design and appearance. These pads are used everyday by professional rodeo cowboys, barrel racers and reined cow horse trainers. Each pad is made from a wool foundation, making them durable and requiring little to no break-in time. The 100 percent wool pads are excellent at absorbing moisture and wicking it away from the horse’s back to assist in heat removal. Wool pads offer the greatest comfort and compression protection for your horse. The denser the pad, the less it will compress under pressure, thus giving your horse a comfortable, enjoyable experience and allowing him to do his job to the best of his ability. That’s why Best Ever Pads have pressed wool that is 136 ounces per square yard to provide the best compression protection. Best Ever Pads are specifically designed with your horse’s comfort and protection in mind. Each pad is shaped into a two-piece contour design that allows for a comfortable fit, helping to eliminate pressure and any discomfort along the horse’s spine. It also helps to prevent over-cinching and saddle movement. In addition, specially designed wither cutouts over the withers allow for better clearance and reduced spinal pressure. Pads are also available in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs and each pad is 100 percent hand made in the USA and made to order. New for 2015 is this gorgeous fringe pad! Compete in style, knowing you are also providing the best protection and comfort for your equine partner.
Visit to customize yours today!


 CSI Saddle Pads

Every feature of the CSI Saddle Pad system is designed with your horse’s comfort and performance in mind. The system works with all types of saddles including flex panel and treeless saddles. At the heart of the system is the revolutionary CSI Flex-Plate. Most importantly, the flex plate inside the pad increases the contact area of the bars in a treed saddle. This spreads the pressure of the saddle and the rider’s weight out over a larger area, which in turn reduces or eliminates pinch and pressure points. With a treeless saddle, the CSI Flex-Plate actually provides you with a highly flexible weight and pressure distribution system that reduces soreness and fatigue. Even more impressive, another benefit of the CSI Flex-plate goes beyond just simple weight distribution, and can actually help your horse achieve a greater range of motion, therefore, increasing your horse’s overall performance level.
For more information or to place order visit

Protective Gear

  RazerHorse Shoes

Razer Horseshoes are a technologically advanced alternative to traditional horseshoes. These shoes provide the best of both worlds: the natural function of being barefoot and the support and protection of being shod. Razer shoes were crafted from tempered tool steel so they will flex like a bare foot, unlike traditional steel or aluminum shoes, which lock the foot in place. Through science and technology, Razerhorse has manufactured Razer shoes to include many unique features and benefits such as reduced strain on limbs and joints. They increase balance, which translates into confidence for both the rider and the horse. Razer Horseshoes enhance traction with a smooth glide upon landing, they are stronger and lighter than a traditional steel shoe, and their lower profile provides more frog contact. Because of these unique qualities, most horses are able to reach their highest performance potential. Razer shoes were designed in Sweden for Standardbred harness racing, and have gained popularity in barrel racing since coming to the U.S. nearly three years ago. Razerhorse is a hoof care company that promotes better health and performance through science and technology. Razerhorse currently offers two products: the Razer horseshoe and Propad.
To learn more about Razer shoes and Propads, visit or call 855-95-RAZER.


  Professional’s Choice VenTECH Elite Sports Medicine Boot’s NEW Glitter Line

Introducing Professional’s Choice new Glitter line of boots that are available in multiple glitter colors such as: crimson, pacific blue, silver, lime, raspberry, royal blue, turquoise, and multicolor. This new line by Professional’s Choice is not only fresh, fun and extremely striking against the arena dirt; but is the same performance quality boot you have trusted for over 20 years to protect your equine partner. Featuring VenTECH technology, the Elite Sports Medicine Boot is lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated neoprene exterior and Ultra Shock lining. Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse but allows heat to escape to keep your horse comfortable and performing at their best. The boot provides 360 degrees of protection, safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue, and it’s proven to absorb up to 26 percent of energy from hoof impact. The uniquely designed suspensory strap stretches with each stride, allowing full ankle movement and helping to eliminate hyperextension of the fetlock. The distinctive angle of this strap guarantees proper application, ensuring the boot provides maximum protection. Professional’s Choice is the original sports medicine boot. When it débuted in 1987, it was the first supportive equine boot to revolutionize the leg care industry. Today, the innovation continues pushing barriers to provide your horse with superior protection and support.
See more of what Professional’s Choice has to offer at or call directly (800) 331-9421.


 Classic Equine – The Perfect Cross
Take a look at the new CrossFit™ Boot from Classic Equine—a new hybrid boot for a great price. Offering a combination of fit, function, and value, the CrossFit™ Boot is a design innovation taking leg protection and support to whole new level. CrossFit features a sleek, modern fit that allows the leg to function naturally with complete lower limb protection and support. The lightweight boot is easy and quick to put on and provides unrestricted, natural movement. A suspensory sling is uniquely positioned for correct angle alignment providing total support and flexibility. The ergonomic design with bound edges and soft jersey inner lining ensure the boot will not fold, bunch, rub, or collect debris. The new distinctive splint pad offers complete protection against crossfire injuries.
To see them in action, or to check out what else is new for 2015, visit





  JTI JT International – NEW and Improved: Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots

The new and improved design for Tough 1®Extreme Vented Sport Boots has an even closer contour fit and are lightweight with less bulk. Strategic darts are placed in key locations that allow the boot to conform to the leg providing support. Three strong “quick grip” closures make these boots easy to put on correctly every time. These boots are designed to fit like a second skin to protect your equine athlete while keeping the dirt out. Tough 1®Extreme Vented Sport Boots have perforated neoprene to allow the leg to breath by releasing heat. The vented inner layer works in unison with the vented outer layer to provide 360 degrees of maximum protection. A comfortable suspensory sling provides flexible support to the fetlock without restricting movement or inhibiting performance. Available in small, medium and large and even Draft Horse sizes, Tough 1® Vented Sport Boots are also available in all the fashion colors like purple, pink, black, white, neon green, royal blue, and red.
Tough 1® works hard everyday to provide you with the latest products at the lowest prices. Visit their website for more information at








  Cactus Gear – Relentless™ All-Around Sport Boots and Axiom Equine Boots

Two sports boots with slightly different qualities that still provide the same leg protection not found anywhere else. Relentless™ All-Around Sport boots are designed for competitors in any discipline who want the best leg protection for their horses. The design features provide the ultimate in lower leg protection with a cleaner design that contours to the cannon bone and protects against impact and concussive injuries without bulk. Suspensory strap wraps under the fetlock provide critical lift and support for suspensory ligaments. The boot base is cut higher in front to match the natural curve of the horse’s leg, allowing full flex and extension while reducing bell boot interference. The ArenaSEAL boot design works in tandem with the suspensory strap, creating a seal that keeps arena dirt from accumulating inside the boot; this is the only boot on the market with this feature. They remain a favorite among competitors like Mary Walker.








  The Axiom Equine Boot from Cactus Gear is a smooth boot and is designed with key features that make it the perfect choice for competition and practice in any discipline. Like the Relentless™ All-Around Sport Boot, the Axiom’s patented sling technology uses a unique strap that wraps under the fetlock to provide critical lift and support to the suspensory ligaments. This boot is also cut a bit higher in the back to reduce interference from bell boots, while maintaining side protection against crossover injuries. The Axiom is built to last, using the toughest, highest-grade hook and lock closures to withstand heavy wear and tear. Five separate layers provide the ultimate protection against impact. Trula Churchill uses Axiom Equine Boots on her partner “Worm” because of the unmatched protection and their dependable durability. New for 2015 are additional colors to add to the fashion palette: bright fashion orange and a true Kelly green. Matching hind boots and bell boots are also available. Visit to order or to find a dealer near you.











  Soft Ride Gel Comfort Boots

Demanding hard stops, quick acceleration, tight turns and long hours in deep arena dirt or on unforgiving concrete, competition can be hard on the equine athlete’s hooves, and joints. Not to mention the long trailer rides endured between rodeos and events. Soft-Ride Gel Comfort Boots are designed to keep horses comfortable while on the road day in and day out. In the trailer, the Soft-Ride gel orthotics can help absorb the shock and vibrations of the road, meaning the horse can perform better right out of the trailer. The boots insulate the hooves from heat reflected from the asphalt and serve as “hauling slippers” with leg wraps or shipping boots. The nonslip soles also provide traction for loading and unloading. Unlike imitators, Soft-Ride Boots are the only boots that can be used over horseshoes without voiding the warranty. Soft-Ride Boots can also provide comfort for a wide variety of hoof injuries or disorders. The boot is designed to protect, support and stabilize the hoof and can provide an easy-to-remove bandage and dressing cover for post-surgical care. The gel cushions provide pain relief after a hard workout or when recovering from chronic lameness. They can temporarily support horses with possible tendon or ligament strain. With a disposable liner, the Soft-Ride Boot can be used as a soaking boot to treat an abscess, puncture wound, white line disease or thrush. It can even be used to protect hooves when the horse is unshod. Soft-Ride Gel Comfort Boots start at $195/pair (including standard orthotics) and are available in a wide range of sizes, with a longer style now available.
To learn more or to order Soft-Ride Gel Comfort Boots, visit

Arena Equipment – POP-Up Barrels

Don’t be fooled by imitations, POP-Up Barrels® has become the Gold Standard in the barrel racing industry. These are the patented original red and white POP-Up Barrels® invented by professional barrel racer, Denise Madsen. Made with strong fabric and wire, reinforcements, weighted bottoms and quality zippers, these barrels are the exact size of a 55-gallon barrel used for barrel racing. They are built to last with forever mind. Why do you need POP-Up Barrels® in your arena? The lightweight design and forgivable material make POP-Up Barrels® a safer option for you and your horse for obvious reasons, making them the perfect training tool. Furthermore, weight at the bottom makes the POP-Up Barrels® difficult to tip over making them the go-to choice in exhibitions for producers. Producers don’t have to hire extra help to set knocked over barrels, ultimately saving time and money for their organization. Even though they are the same size as a 55-gallon drum, they collapse down to just three inches tall, and all three fit in a convenient carry bag with a shoulder strap, for easy transportation and storage. POP-Up Barrels® by are sold in full sets of three, but single barrels and bags can be purchased if needed.
Visit their website and read testimonials from your satisfied peers. Each set sells for $159.99 and can be ordered online at or by calling 805-440-3270

Just For You

  Bang it- Dang it TM Barrel Racing Socks

Every barrel racer has experienced their fair share of black-and-blue shins, and even deep cuts from hitting a barrel. Still, who wants to wear awkward shin guards you strap to your leg? Two Creeks Ranch has come up with a fresh solution to protect barrel racers’ legs while also eliminating the need to wear bulky shin guard protection. Designed by barrel racers for barrel racers, bang-it! dang-it! ™ Barrel Racing Socks offer a sleek and effective way to prevent some of the scrapes and bruises from hitting a barrel. bang-it! dang-it! ™ Barrel Racing Socks are designed with built-in padding for ultimate safety and shin protection. These socks are constructed of breathable material that is comfortable enough to be worn under your jeans all day. They are also machine washer friendly; just hang them up to dry. Unsightly, bulky shin guards that draw unwanted attention are a thing of the past. Now you can compete with confidence knowing you have bang-it! dang-it! ™ Barrel Racing Socks under your jeans!
bang-it! dang-it! ™ Barrel Racing Socks are priced perfectly at $24.95 and are the latest innovation from Two Creeks Ranch and can be purchased online at or for more information email [email protected].








  Troxel Liberty Helmet

We all know that horse-related injuries are not uncommon. However, did you know horseback riders have the same number of injury accidents as motorcycle riders on a per hour basis? Riding helmets are not new to the industry but recently became the center of discussion when Fallon Taylor won her first world championship in a helmet. Troxel is the world’s leading provider of ASTM / SEI certified equestrian helmets for Western and English markets, and is recognized for its innovative design and research leadership in headgear. They have provided over three million helmets to the equestrian market. Troxel also has fashion forward helmets for the wild at heart. Cheetah and zebra animal prints are wildly popular in the Western world of boots, belts, blankets, and now helmets with Troxel’s introduction of the new headliners. Troxel’s Ruby Liberty has been recently updated with a plush and comfortable cheetah headliner which includes Troxel’s popular GPS II dial fit technology with air channels and moisture wicking technology. The headliner is also removable and washable. The Liberty Helmet’s lightweight sporty silhouette, and color choices make the Liberty Ruby the best choice.
Troxel is dedicated to safety, comfort and style. To view all helmet options, technology, and safety tips visit


  Barrel Racing Rodeo Record Book

Barrel Racing Rodeo Record Book is a must-have for barrel racers serious about competing hard in 2015. The most successful professionals today have a good system of organization, so plan, manage, and document every trip this year. Start your season off right by writing your goals down and plan your various paths with the monthly calendar. Document every barrel race or rodeo with the Trip Details pages. Within the Trip Details, you can record important information you may need to refer back to like location, fuel, mileage, entry fees, money won, your times, arena conditions, weather, and how you prepared your horse. These details allow competitors to track their own progress and can be used from season to season to analyze specific strengths and weaknesses to determine which events offer the best return on investment. The Barrel Racing Rodeo Record Book sells for $20, and is the most efficient and effective barrel racing record book.
Now you can get the Barrel Racing Rodeo Record book and other record books with customized covers for gifts, organizations and clubs.
Find out ordering information and other products available at


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