A winning horse is a healthy horse, so whether you’re looking to supplement your feed program, improve a condition or support the horse’s body, gain a performance edge or insure your equine athlete, select BHN advertisers in the Horse Health and Nutrition Guide have got you covered.

Skin, Coat and Hooves

Banixx Antimicrobial Spray, Wound Care Cream, Medicated Shampoo and Premium Analgesic Liniment 
Banixx recently added a Premium Analgesic Liniment to its line of trusted, affordable antimicrobial products. The witch hazel-based, menthol spray liniment is enhanced with a five-star herbal tincture to give relief and ease sore, stressed muscles and tendons. Banixx’s USA-made liniment is white-leg approved.

Vetericyn Hoof Care, Hoof Soak, and Liniment
Vetericyn is proud to introduce the new Mobility line.
Hoof Care is proven to flush out contaminants and repair damaged hooves quickly. It cleans, protects and repairs for optimal hoof health. It also has a blue marker, so you know when it’s time to reapply.

Mane ’n Tail Original Shampoo and Conditioner
Over 50 years ago, the Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner was the first product, and then came the shampoo. Why? Before the conditioner was made, there was a noticeable void in the industry, leaving horses’ manes and tails dry, damaged, and dull. The solution? A pH-balanced, protein-enriched formula to moisturize, strengthen and condition the mane and tail, resulting in longer, healthier hair.


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