The Health and Nutrition Issue

Deworming Details
Here’s what you need to know about deworming your horses. By Abigail Boatwrigth, Page 22

Mother-daughter duo Kelsie and Skye Miller sweep Northwest Futurities.
Mother-daughter duo Kelsie and Skye Miller sweep Northwest Futurities. Photos by Bill Lawless

Lasix Lowdown
Understanding how this popular pharmaceutical affects your horse helps you use it responsibly and effectively. By Jessica Lash, Page 30

Health and Nutrition Special Advertising Section
Keep everything in your barn healthy as a horse with products and supplements from select BHN advertisers in the Horse Health and Nutrition Guide. Compiled by Blanche Schaefer, Page 36

Champions’ Corner

Charmayne James’ Tips, Page 14

In Every Issue

Arena Record, Page 4
Arena Dirt, Page 7
Outside the Arena, Page 16
Behind the Barrels, Page 89
Barrel Racing Across the U.S., Page 92
Futurity Roundup, Page 94

Event Spotlight

Seen in the Arena, Page 45
Texas Stock Show Rodeos, Page 46
Northwest Futurity Roundup, Page 56
Senior World Championships, Page 62
GTBRA Perry Cup, Page 66
Barrel Bash Chickasha and Select Stallion Stakes Futurity, Page 70
Sanctuary High Cascades Benefit Barrel Race, Page 74


NBHA Jacksonville Super Show, page 78
State News, Page 82
Member Profile, Page 84
Directory, Page 86

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