A total of 119 runs made for a good payout to the lucky winners.

It was a great show and there was so much for everyone to do besides barrel racing.  It was the first night for the Carnival and there was a special discount ticket price for the riders and their families.  Ten bucks bought you unlimited rides. Everyone seemed to have fun.

We had a great turn out and got to see some of the best riders and riding at our show.  This was a pre-show for the IPRA Rodeo for the weekend so a lot of the contestants were at the barrel race to get some ground time before the rodeo.

Gilbert Promotional Corp. was the sponsor of the Manard Buckles and Awards for the winners of each division.  In the Open, all divisions received buckles.  The Youth 1D received a buckle, 2D and 3D bell boots, the 4D received a saddle cover.  The Senior 1D received a buckle, 2D, 3D and 4D received fly masks.  Also, all the PeeWee riders received a check and an award out of the PeeWee grab bag to take home and use of their horses.  This will be an annual event and hope to see everyone next year.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone during Arizona’s Winter Barrel Racing Season at all the NBHA races. Watch for locations by email, on the Internet and in publications.

Congratulations to all the winners:

1D Placings
1st 17.415 $235.00 Justice Green on Tree
2nd 17.493 $196.00  Jenna Cadwallader on Red
3rd 17.533 $156.00  Sherry Cervi on MP Hay Look Mike
4th 17.541 $117.00 Debbie Carter on Buttons
5th 17.561 $ 78.00 Kelsey Lutjen on Maggie
2D Placings
1st 17.933 $216.00  Sherry Cervi on MP Nelle Wood
2nd 17.962 $180.00  Onie Anderson on Go Dusty Skipper
3rd 18.008 $144.00 Mandy Sproul on Bugs
4th 18.029 $108.00  Orlea Mae Harvey on Extras Honor
5th 18.065 $ 72.00  Traci Cucitro on Sr Hallmark "John"
3D Placings
1st 18.429 $188.00 Rose Figueroa on Snoop
2nd 18.442 $156.00 Brenda Allen on Danny
3rd 18.454 $125.00  Stacey Clark on Turbo
4th 18.578 $ 94.00 Alexis Bringas on Loretta
5th 18.617 $ 63.00  Chelsey Armour on Heart
4D Placings
1st 19.082 $169.00  Tammy Umbenhauer on A Dash of Rita 1
2nd 19.175 $141.00 Brittany Mathis on Lucky
3rd 19.213 $113.00 Tresha Robinson on A Cool Cherokee
4th 19.232 $ 84.00  Brooke Nichols on MeBrightDancer
5th 19.244 $ 56.00 Dana McKenzie on MIA
5D Placings
1st 19.525 $131.00 1April Jensen on Sheza Stylish Pepto
2nd 19.564 $110.00  Teri Rowe on Scarlet Dawn
3rd 19.641 $ 88.00  Michelle Krause on Skippers Patty Lee
4th 19.657 $ 66.00  Darcey Mullen on Jack
5th 19.697 $ 44.00 Michelle Lemley on Vegas

1D Placings
1st 18.156 $103.00 71757 Marana Shaffier on Streakin to Bed
2D Placings
1st 19.121 $ 88.00 Lexie Wheeler on Bullet
3D Placings
1st 19.384 $ 59.00 Jordan McConnell on U2
4D Placings
1st 21.183 $ 44.00 Emily Ashey on Lucky

1D Placings
1st 17.743 $ 71.00 20809 Pat Spratt on Blurrs Best Bet
2D Placings
1st 18.442 $ 63.00 NM Brenda Allen on Danny
4D Placings
1st 19.767 $ 37.00 39312 Kerry Shuldberg on Te Bone

1D Placings
1st 18.361 $ 6.00  MaKenna Burris on Stormy
2nd 19.174 $ 5.00  MaKenna Burris on Mr Big
3rd 19.591 $ 4.00 Tylor Stevens on Posthole
4th 19.759 $ 3.00  Jacqueline Nichols on Dancer
5th 25.265 $ 2.00  Tommy Miller on Ms Socks
6th 39.811 $ 2.00  Sydnie Dewees on Mickey
7th 46.767 $ 2.00 Ava Mae Partridge on Ernie
Make your plans to be with us in 2009.  Be sure to look for entry forms in barrel racing publications and on the Internet. For further information regarding this race and all the WINTER/SPRING upcoming races, please contact Jan Finney at 602-910-9511, email [email protected], website www.theclassifiedhorse.com or http://nbhaaz02.com

See ya at the next big one. JT


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