The 22nd Annual Connie Combs Clinic was the other major function that was being run at the facility sponsored by the PBRA.

After a hard 10 hour day at the clinic, we had a nice barrel race in THE BIG COVERED PEN.  46 barrel racers entered up for the jackpot.  Connie was there to cheer on all the riders and especially her worn-out students.  This will be an annual event and we hope to see everyone next year!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone during Arizona’s Winter Barrel Racing Season at all the NBHA races. Watch for locations by email, on the Internet and in publications.

Congratulations to all the winners:

1D Placings
1st 17.514 $150.00 Morgan Aultman on Sam's Big Stop
2nd 17.566 $ 90.00 Missy Sullivan on Ashes
3rd 17.706 $ 60.00  Kim Ferguson on Roc A Doc Wrangler
2D Placings
1st 18.043 $128.00  Shannon Mooney on Streak
2nd 18.051 $ 77.00  Kathy Herseth on KC
3rd 18.101 $ 51.00  Onie Anderson on Go Dusty Skipper
3D Placings
1st 18.567 $ 86.00  Laura Miller on CRF Lucky Man
2nd 18.632 $ 51.00  Lily Brown on Startin Fancy
3rd 18.873 $ 34.00 Tabie Reed on Wyatt
4D Placings
1st 19.546 $ 64.00  Tammy Umbenhauer on A Dash of Rita 1
2nd 19.651 $ 39.00 Peggy McCorkle on Cee Road Runner
3rd 19.782 $ 26.00 69049 Michelle Krause on Skippers Patty Lee

1D Placings
1st 17.802 $ 42.00 71757 Marana Shaffier on Streakin to Bed
2nd 18.043 46496 Shannon Mooney on Streak

1D Placings
1st 17.818 $ 42.00 12308 Joann Crane on Imps Frenchman (AKA Roller)
4D Placings
1st 20.299 $ 28.00 9507 Deanna (Dee) Baer on HW Spanky

1D Placings
1st  25.031 $ 4.00 Tommy Miller on Ms Socks
2nd 30.676 $ 3.00 Tarah Reed on Oakie

Make your plans to be with us in 2009.  Be sure to look for entry forms in barrel racing publications and on the Internet. For further information regarding this race and all the WINTER/SPRING upcoming races, please contact Jan Finney at 602-910-9511, email [email protected], website or

See ya at the next big one.


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