NBHA added $500.00 to the NBHA race with 70 riders running at a payout of over $2700.00.

We would like to thank American West for the invitation to participate with their organization and looking forward to doing the same next year.  Action Plus Digital Photography was on hand to provide videos of all the runs and on-the-spot pictures.  If you missed them, be sure to check out the archives when you see them at the next race!  Also, Santa Mario Coop set up their trailer with lots of goodies for everyone to buy or browse.  Thanks to all the other vendors who had their wares for all to see and sample.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone during Arizona’s Winter Barrel Racing Season at all the NBHA races. Watch for locations by email, on the Internet and in publications.

Congratulations to all the winners:

1D Placings
1st 17.129 $215.00 LAKE MEHALIC on BIG MAC
2nd 17.238 $161.00 SHELLY SHURE on ACES SLAM DUNK
3rd 17.296 $108.00 LAKE MEHALIC on SNICKER
4th 17.473 $ 54.00 LAKE MEHALIC on HARLEY
2D Placings
1st 17.630 $198.00 MISSY SULLIVAN on ASHES
2nd 17.655 $148.00 CANDICE JACOB on ARROW
3rd 17.659 $ 99.00 CRYSTAL LOGAN on SARIE
4th 17.737 $ 49.00 HAILEE HANCOCK on ROSIE NICK BAR
3D Placings
1st 18.152 $172.00 NANCY ELMER on GO MAN
2nd 18.196 $129.00 RANDY SELLERS on LONESOME WINK
3rd 18.443 $ 86.00 MARISSA HANCOCK on BANKS
4th 18.459 $ 43.00 SHANNON MOONEY on STREAK
4D Placings
2nd 18.705 $116.00  CHERYL MURRAY on MISS CASH BUCK
3rd 18.787 $ 77.00  LISA HANSEN on DEAD SHOT DEAN
4th 18.848 $ 39.00 LAURA ANN MILLER on CRF LUCKY MAN
5D Placings
1st 19.168 $120.00 DAN ROGERS on LULU SMASH
2nd 19.193 $ 90.00 JESSICA WALPOLE on SPINNER
3rd 19.449 $ 60.00  SUSAN HERVEY on OBD TOO COOL FLIRT
4th 19.515 $ 30.00 DEANNA BOWSHER on DIXIE

1D Placings
1st 17.544 $ 95.00  DAKOTA CAUTHEN on JACKSON
2D Placings
1st 18.443 $ 81.00  MARISSA HANCOCK on BANKS
3D Placings
1st 18.833 $ 54.00 BAYLEE GRISSOM on COLA
4D Placings
1st 21.108 $ 41.00  KAYLEE CLARK on DASHER

1D Placings
1st 17.590 $120.00  JOANN CRANE on IMPS FRENCHMAN
2D Placings
1st 18.152 $103.00 NANCY ELMER on GO MAN
3D Placings
1st 19.168 $ 69.00 DAN ROGERS on LULU SMASH
4D Placings
1st 21.254 $ 52.00  JAN FINNEY on BUSTER

1st 23.917 Sammy Jo Wengert on Root Beer
2nd 32.670 Jaycie Swanson on Sky
3rd 34.320 Tarah Reed on Okie
4th 34.567 Conner Thurman on Lady
Make your plans to be with us in 2009.  Be sure to look for entry forms in barrel racing publications and on the Internet. For further information regarding this race and all the WINTER/SPRING upcoming races, please contact Jan Finney at 602-910-9511, email [email protected], website www.theclassifiedhorse.com or http://nbhaaz02.com

See ya at the next big one.



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