The Sizzlin’ Summer Saddle Series came to an end with the final race on September 27, 2008.  We had typical Arizona late summer weather – warm and slightly breezy. The ground was some of the best we’ve run on this year!

Congratulations to all the Gilbert winners:

Open 1D –
1st 17.513 $197.00 Marana Shaffier on Streakin to Bed
2nd 17.630 $118.00 Bridget Nelson on Bo
3rd 17.762 $ 79.00 1 Kathy Herseth on Sprout
Open 2D –
1st 18.044 $169.00 Jacey Henderson on Nickers WIld (Nikki)
2nd 18.134 $101.00 Chantel Jensen on Freckles
3rd 18.171 $ 67.00 Carol Ferguson on Easy Dash N Brash
Open 3D –
1st 18.704 $112.00 Breann Chambers on Twigy
2nd 18.832 $ 67.00 Laura Biggs on Mia Laffin
3rd 18.836 $ 45.00 Paige Bruins on Hollywood
Open 4D –
1st 19.833 $101.00 DeAnna Bowsher on Dixie
2nd 22.811 $ 67.00 Jan Finney on Buster

Youth 1D – 1st 17.513 $ 60.00 Marana Shaffier on Streakin to Bed
Youth 2D -1st 18.321 $ 51.00 Shannon Mooney on Streak
Youth 3D -1st 18.927 $ 34.00 Chantel Jensen on Cheyenne
        2nd 19.367 Ashley Rivero on Patala
Youth 4D -1st 20.999 $ 26.00 Kalie Bennington on Buster

Senior 1D – 1st 18.171 $ 61.00 Carol Ferguson on Easy Dash N Brash
Senior 2D -1st 18.958 $ 54.00 Kathy Herseth on KC
Senior 4D – 1st 22.811 $ 32.00 Jan Finney on Buster

PeeWee –
1st 22.751 PW Jacqueline Nichols on Jack
2nd 31.838 PW Jaycie Swanson on Sky
3rd 36.120 PW Cheyanne Finney on Buster
4th 38.228 PW Hunter Finney on Buster
5th 42.765 PW Sydnie Dewees on Mickey
6th 46.385 PW Conner Thurman on Nikki

Awards for Sizzlin’ Summer Series 2008 – Congratulations to all the Series Winners:
*Ties were determined by high card drawn from a deck
**Duplicate awards to entrants due to no shows for presentation

Crystal Logan  Sarie  42 pts  Saddle
Chantel Jensen Freckles 41 pts  Reserve Buckle
Carol Ferguson Easy Brash 38 pts  Headstall
Marana Schaeffer Streak  38 pts  NBHA stirrups
Sarah Mueller  Cookie  34 pts  Halter
DeAnna Bowsher Dixie  34 pts  Bell Boots

Marana Schaeffer Streak  45 pts  Buckle
Shannon Mooney Streak  42 pts  Headstall
Chantel Jensen Sassy  29 pts  NBHA stirrups
Marana Schaeffer Streak  15 pts  Halter
Shannon Mooney Streak  15 pts  Bell Boots

Jan Finney  Buster  56 pts  Buckle
Crystal Logan  Sarie  45 pts  Headstall
Crystal Logan  Dun It  44 pts  NBHA Stirrups
Julie Turney  Maverick 40 pts  Halter
Carol Ferguson Easy Brash 30 pts  Bell Boots
Rhonda Clouse Scooter 28 pts  Fly Mask

Jacqueline Nichols Jack  60 pts  Saddle (donated)
Jaycie Swanson Sky  41 pts  Halter
Sydnie Dewees Mickey 37 pts  Halter

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See ya at the next big one.



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