tack and equipment


Whether you’re running the pattern, schooling a colt, or enjoying a ride on your old favorite, you expect your cinch to be comfortable, functional, and (most of all) reliable—without even thinking about it. Classic Equine® is here to ensure that you can lay it all on the line for every ride, whatever cinch you choose for your horse.

As horse owners, we have a big responsibility when it comes to taking care of our horses. The equipment that we choose to use when riding can have a significant impact on the safety, comfort, and well-being of our horses. Whether you realize it or not, your saddle pad is one of the most important pieces of tack so you should use great care and consider a lot of options when picking your new pad.

You’re heading to a barrel race for an extended weekend, and your packing list is long—including anything you might need to help yourself sleep soundly while away from home. But what about your horse and his sleep? He needs rest to perform his best and be able to cope with the added stress of a hectic atmosphere. Are you armed with a solution when the bright lights of the stall barns are on all night long?