Chilton, Texas, cowgirl Jordon Peterson banked $8,634 at the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo that ended February 8, 2009. Making the cloverleaf rounds aboard her young superstar gelding, Frenchmans Jester, in 50.59 seconds on three runs she outdistanced closest challenger and 2008 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo competitor Anessa Self (Valley View, Texa) and her mount Rare Dillion by over 2/10s of a second.

Full coverage of Stock Show action from Fort Worth, Rapid City, San Antonio and Jackson, among others, will be featured in the April issue of Barrel Horse News.Incidentally, Peterson’s traveling partner Savannah Reeves finished fourth to make for a rich rig leaving the Will Rogers Coliseum.

Fort Worth Stock Show Final Round Results:
Women’s Barrel Race: 1, Shawna Bourne, Chapel Hill, Tenn., 16.78 seconds, $2,558. 2, Annesa Self, Valley View, Texas, 16.81, $1,919.3, Shelley Morgan, Eustace, Texas, 16.92, $1,279.4, Brenda Mays, Terrebonne, Ore., 16.95, $640.

Women’s Barrel Race: (three runs) 1, Jordon Peterson, Chilton, Texas, 50.59 seconds, $5,180. 2, Annesa Self, Valley View, Texas, 50.82, $4,440.3, Shawna Bourne, Chapel Hill, Tenn., 50.84, $3,700.4, Savanah Reeves, Dublin, Texas, 50.88, $3,207.5, Brenda Mays, Terrebonne, Ore., 50.91, $2,467.6, Shelley Morgan, Eustace, Texas, 50.95, $1,973.7, P.J. Burger, Pauls Valley, Okla., 51.04, $1,480.8, Nellie Williams, Cottonwood, Calif., 51.05, $987. 9, Tiffany Fox, Fox, Okla., 51.10, $740. 10, Mary Burger, Pauls Valley, Okla., 51.32, $493.

BHN Bonus
You can pick up some of Jordon’s great training secretes in the March issue of Barrel Horse News.

Getting to know Jordon Peterson

Aside from your mother, Kristie, does any barrel racer particularly inspire you?
I don’t know her at all, but I think I would say Lindsay Sears. She goes to a small amount of rodeos and doesn’t run her horse’s legs off. And she always thanks her horse and puts her winnings and success all on her horse.

Biggest supporters?
Aside from Oxy-Gen and Bill and Deb Myers, I have my own tree with Shiloh Saddlery called the Contender. When I won Oklahoma City, the saddle they gave was the first they’d ever made of that, and I got it home and fell in love with it, so they made it mine. It has a real deep seat and fits everything. And all their saddles are really nice and very inexpensive.

Any favorite shopping habits?
My favorite store is probablyForever 21, and I love Big Star jeans.

Traveling partners?
I go with Savanah Koenig quite a bit; otherwise I’m not sure quite yet.

Do you prefer futurities or rodeos?
I’m still on the fence on that. I haven’t been bit by the rodeo bug yet. I love riding colts. I’m just testing the rodeo thing out.

Didn’t you do really well on a bunch of colts at Oklahoma City, and win like $65,000?
I took five up there – had four in the futurity and one in the derby, and I got all of them back to the short round.

Did they all have different styles? That’s impressive.
Two were Hot Colours; two were Frenchmans Guys and one was a Roll The Cash, which I then sold. All of them kind of had the same style because I trained all except Bill and Deb’s stud Sky High Guy. I look like an awesome trainer because I train Frenchmans Guy colts, and they’re naturals. They all want to turn and have real good forward motion. I have to say a lot of my success is because Frenchmans Guys are so easy to train.

Now for some comparisons… Colorado or Texas?
Texas, for sure. I think I really like how a lot of the people are rodeo people. In Colorado, there are quite a few city people. And in Texas, everyone is real friendly and I love the weather and that I can go to a jackpot every night of the week.

Favorite food?
I love Chinese food.

Favorite barrel race?
I like Oklahoma City because it gives you a chance to mess up, since they take the fastest out of your first two runs. It’s not as stressful. My least favorite is Fort Smith, because it’s one run and that’s it.

What’s the 2009 game plan?
Jester’s only 7 this year and I am just now starting to build a house. I want to just get my feet wet this year and make it to my circuit finals; that’s about it. I want to keep my money together real good so that next year I can get in the big rodeos, so I don’t have to go as much and maybe we’ll see about the NFR.



Jordon Peterson and Savanah Reeves are two rookies to be reckoned with.



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