Check out our May issue for the inspirational story Running Buddies. This feature by award-winning journalist Abigail Boatwright tells the story of Dolli Lautaret and Jolee Lautaret-Jordan and how this dynamic mother-daughter team made their mark on rodeo.

Whether they’re working horses at home or trucking down the road to the next rodeo to compete side-by-side, these women make a life out of working with the horses that they love, and feel lucky that they can do it together.

Dolli & Jolee Lautaret at an awards ceremony
At the 2008 Women’s Sports Foundation’s Salute to Women in Sports, Dolli was one of the honored athletes for being the WPRA World Champion Heeler that year.
Jolee and Dolli team roping
Jolee and Dolli are a team, and roping together is just one of the many things they like to do.
Dolli & Jolee roping a dummy by horse trailer
It’s not all serious business for the Lautaret ladies. Sometimes there’s goofing off—they used to have matches to see who could rope the dummy quickest, but usually got to laughing so hard they ended up roping themselves.

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