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GROSTRONG Minerals provide a complete package of 28 minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes in appropriate ratios and amounts specifically formulated for horses. Unlike most trace mineralized salt blocks, GROSTRONG Minerals provide the necessary minerals and vitamins—including biotin, electrolytes, and natural-source vitamin E—to complement forages and grains, enabling horses to reach their performance potential. 

Think you are covered with good quality forage? Think again. No matter the quality of hay or forage you are feeding, your forage will be lacking in essential minerals and vitamins. Minerals and vitamins play very important roles in equine nutrition. They are required for digestion and utilization of forages and feeds and for most metabolic processes. GROSTRONG Minerals are the combination you need to provide the needed nutrients to complement your forage. 

GROSTRONG Minerals are the result of unsurpassed formulation expertise and leading edge technology. There is no substitute for the years of manufacturing and formulation experience backing GROSTRONG Minerals. More than 100 years of formulation and manufacturing expertise back the reliability and nutritional soundness of GROSTRONG Minerals. Along with good-quality forage, GROSTRONG Minerals provide the cornerstone of Forage First Programs.

With the unique combination of minerals and vitamins in GROSTRONG Minerals, you can ensure that your horse is getting the necessary nutrients to perform at their very best day in and day out. Whether the performance you are looking to perfect is trail riding, barrel turning, or sliding stops, GROSTRONG Minerals will unlock the edge needed by today’s performance horses.

a healthy horse hoof that illustrates proper nutrition

GROSTRONG Minerals are the key to great hoof quality. Just ask CeJaye Lockridge (Trixie Chicks Fully Sponsored Trick Rider and ADM Equine Ambassador).

“GROSTRONG Minerals is a daily top-dress in our feeding program, as hoof health is a priority for me with running on various ground conditions,” Lockridge said. “Some of my horses are shod while others are barefoot, but the farrier says our horses have the best hooves around.”

Feed Success, feed GROSTRONG.

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