Two-time Women’s Professional Rodeo Association world champion Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi found the consistency and control that she needed for Babe On The Chase with the L&W Bits steel nose combo.

About the Bit

“I was looking at an old picture of Kassie Mowry and Chasin Firewater (Birdie’s sire), and she had an L&W combination bit on him, and I was like, ‘I wonder if that will work on Birdie.’ I have a bucket full of bits, just all thrown in this huge bucket, and I was like you know what, I’m going to go get that bit out and see if it’ll work. And she’s been great in it. I’ve gotten more confident with that bridle on her, and it all came together in San Antonio.

“She used to elevate a lot and I would have to not necessarily manhandle her around the first barrel, but like hold her, hold her, hold her, and then when I got to the barrel, I’d have to drop her and then it would be so inconsistent. With this bridle, I can let her go and then get her at the barrel.”

Mouthpiece: Two-Piece Twisted

“It’s just a two-piece twist. It’s more about the noseband. I’ve always been a noseband rider; I ride hackamores and some combinations, but I’ve always loved a hackamore and I’ve always liked that pull across the nose. It just suited me and Birdie.”

Shank and Noseband: Medium Shank with Gag and Steel Noseband

“I really don’t think [the shank] matters, honestly, with that bridle. It’s so much about the nose. I like the fact that when you pull, you’re not pulling on their mouth, so they’re not elevating. You’re just pulling up on that nose and bringing it across.”

Curb: Loose Chain

“I ride a loose curb on everything. I don’t ride with a tight curb. It’s a chain; just the one that comes with it.”

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