Five-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier Stevi Hillman runs MCM Imasharpguy in a two-piece twist No Hit Bit to keep the gelding round throughout the turns.

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About the Bit

“I ran ‘Sharpie’ in this No Hit Bit a little when I had him in 2017. I got him back [after injury in 2019] and threw this on him, thinking I just want to get around the barrels—we were fixing to go to Vegas—and I won a jackpot, so I figured I’d better keep it on him. It’s got a longer shank where you’ve got a lot of lift if you need it, and he’s comfortable in it and he likes it, so I try to go off what they need but also what they’re comfortable with. I tend to run my horses in the same bits. Bits fit your hands, and I tend to have really strong aggressive horses, so I don’t have many smooth mouthpieces.”

Shank: No Hit Bit 8-inch Gag

“This long gag helps round him. When you lift, it’s not an immediate ‘now.’ It really bends their neck and the feel has a lot more roundness to it. I felt like I needed that on him after I hadn’t been on him for a while.”

No Hit Bit hanging on headstall at trailer

Mouthpiece: Two-Piece Twist

“The two-piece twist is my go-to. It’s got enough bite when you need it there. I don’t like to pull on them a lot. Horses like Sharpie, in the past he was pretty droppy. He’s a little different now after his stifle surgery—he’s pretty round and feels really good—but I like to have [some bite to the mouthpiece] so that if I need to lift or make a move, I’ve got that there if I need it.”

Curb: Soft Nylon Rope

“The nylon curb adjusts when you adjust it in their mouth. If you need it tight to have a little more bite, you can [raise it on the headstall] or if you need it loose for less delay, you can do that. But the curb has stayed the same for every horse I’ve put it on.”

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