The Ed Wright medium shank gag bit with a three-piece twisted mouthpiece gives futurity champion Vauna Walker lift and light control without having to maintain constant contact with the horse’s mouth.

Shank: Medium with Moderate Gag

“It’s got a little lift to it. I’ve never been able to ride in an O-ring snaffle, because if I have to keep very much contact, it gets my weight off balance — I don’t know if I end up having to pull or if my arms are weak, I’m not sure — but if I can have a little bit of lift, then I don’t hardly ever have to take ahold. [On Royal Crown futurity champion DTF Classey Chick], it’s a lot of bit to ride her in, but when she’s running really hard I can touch her lightly and she’s right there. I’ve ridden that on a lot of different colts, and I think people pick bits that complement how they use their hands, and that works for me.”

Ed Wright bit hanging in tack room
Ed Wright medium shank gag bit with three-piece twisted mouthpiece. Photo by Vauna Walker

Mouthpiece: Twisted Wire with Dog Bone

“I’m not a great bit expert, but I think it works more on the tongue [than a two-piece]. I’ve had some horses that hate that, but [DTF Classey Chick] seems to carry it, and she’s not bothered by much.”

Curb: Loose Chain

“It’s a chain, and it’s maybe a little looser than I’ve seen people ride with it, so you’ve got a little bit of play there, but it’s not hanging loose.”


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