Website: Laurie Deleu of Deleu Ranch ( says good photos are crucial for selling horses internationally.

“It’s really important to take good pictures,” Deleu said. “They don’t have to be professional, but the horse has to look good. It doesn’t take that much more time to take a good photo than it does to take a bad one. Look at pictures of horses in magazines, or professional photos, and try to do your photos like them. Have the horse look good and set them up right.”

Facebook: Many of our sources use Facebook to increase exposure of their horses for sale. Debbi Trubee of North Farm Quarter Horses ( says using social media has allowed her to forge helpful connections when she didn’t have that first-person relationship.

“Social media instantly goes out to the whole world,” Trubee said. “You don’t have to have an ‘in’ to sell horses overseas anymore. If you have a lot of friends that might have some friends, that know some friends, that are overseas, your photos could get over there. If it’s a quality horse with a good video, that market is open to everybody.” ( This online classified section has been around for years, which makes it helpful for selling horses. Our sources have used it, but stress that it is one arm of a multi-faceted marketing program. ( Another well-known and established horse sale website, offers another avenue for increasing eyes on your horse for sale.

Barrel Horse News ( Whether you want to place a full-page ad or a classified ad, there are multiple options to market your horse through the world’s largest barrel racing publication. Contact Donna Johnston at [email protected] about placing an ad for your horse. ( Several of our sources have used to market their international horses.

Word-of-mouth: Still the best method to sell a horse, especially internationally. Our sources that have had luck selling their animals using this avenue often had that initial connection, but said good transactions are key to continued development in the foreign market. JD Yates ( says the long-term relationships he’s developed through sales are the best part of the experience.

“They are all really good people to deal with,” Yates said. “That’s been the most fun part for me, getting to meet people from a lot of different parts of the world and spend time with them. They have been outstanding to work with.”


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