By Callie Duperior

Accomplishing your dreams is something everyone wants to do. It may seem easy, but trust me it’s harder than it looks. My amateur 13-year-old self thought that maybe with some chance I could be a world champion. I never dreamed that so many things could go wrong while chasing that dream.

Starting out at a young age with barrel racing, I won’t deny it – I was not the best. Yet, after training and practicing I progressed quickly. I won the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Junior Barrel Racing World Championship in 2010 and I thought that was the greatest moment in my rodeo career. Little did I know I would end up being the 2015 WPRA World Champion.

My 2015 rodeo year was full of crazy adventures. I never knew how many problems could happen when you are on the road – it felt like every other day something would go wrong. It would either be with the truck or trailer, or the horses. The trucks would break down at times and trailers would quit working right when you needed them the most. Plus keeping a sound horse was a challenge, as well. I would leave home with a sound horse that was ready to go and then pull up to a rodeo with a crippled horse.

Another thing I had no clue about was how hard it was to find a place to stay with your horses. There would be times where the drives felt never ending and all I wanted to do was pull over and go to sleep, but it wasn’t that easy. We had the horses with us so we had to find a place wherever we were with a facility for the horses. I would search on the Internet and ask friends where to stay and even when it wasn’t the safest place to stay, sometimes we had no other choice but to stay there. Being on the rodeo road definitely wasn’t what I imagined. I knew it would take hard work and dedication, but I never knew all the hardships I would go through.

Being on the road away from my family for long periods of time was my biggest struggle. Staying away from home for weeks and even months was something I had never done before, even my horses missed home to the point when there were times they wouldn’t eat, but that’s another story.

The journey felt endless honestly, but now that I am finally done with what I set out to do I am completely satisfied with my accomplishments and all the hard times were well worth it! This journey would have been impossible without the support of God, my family and friends. There were so many times I thought about just giving up and I thought it was just too much, but with all of the love from friends and fans I made it to the place I have dreamed of being!


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