The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo annually hosts the Cowboys of Color Invitational Rodeo, where athletes compete in traditional rodeo events. Champions were crowned January 17, inside Dickies Arena.

Article courtesy FWSSR, with contributions from Barrel Horse News

FORT WORTH, Texas (January 17, 2022)—The Cowboys of Color Invitational Rodeo presented by T39 Telemundo highlighted Monday’s action at the 125th edition of the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo (FWSSR).

Held in the state-of-the art Dickies Arena, the event featured African American, Hispanic and Native American athletes competing in traditional rodeo events from bronc riding to roping. The culturally diverse event takes place annually on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Liza Shannon of Kilgore, Texas, topped the field in the barrel racing with a 17.24 seconds, worth $2,000. Shannon rode DH Sugarleta Corona to the win.

“I was blessed to have the opportunity to be invited and extremely pleased with how well my mare handled the set up,” Shannon said.

At first arrival Shannon says she had a feeling the setup was going to be a winning recipe for her mare and took advantage of the opportunity. While they did have a slight bobble in the way of a slip at the third barrel when all was said and done the duo was still the fastest on the field.

“Upon arriving we walked the arena and realized the pattern was more set for a left barrel first approach so I knew my mare would excel in the set up,” she said. “After her first barrel I knew she was going to lay down a run the slip at the third cost us some time but she jumped up and ran out of the arena so I knew she was OK.” 

Shannon and “Paige” have been excelling at Cowboys of Color rodeos winning three in 2021, which earned them the invitation to Fort Worth.

Shannon, 35, is looking forward to her 2022 season and hopes to find success in her rookie year in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association after having filled her WPRA permit. Along with Paige several other up and coming horse of Shannon’s are providing her with a boost of confidence for the future.

“Paige has been such a blessing for me and I knew she would handle the setup better than anything else I own and she proved me right,” Shannon said of the FWSSR Cowboys of Color Rodeo. “I couldn’t do any of the things I do without the support of my parents, my boyfriend, and my friends. They all motivate me and keep me going forward even on the bad days.”

Colton Burkhard, who lives in Ivanhoe, Texas, (population 1,454), was the biggest money winner. The only bull rider to complete an eight-second ride, Burkhard scored 73 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s bull Superstition and earned $5,000. The young cowboy is just three years removed from competing in the junior steer riding at the Texas Champions Challenge in Fort Worth.

The toughest event of the day was steer wrestling with five of the eight cowboys clocking times of 5.0 or faster. Grady Payne of DeLeon, Texas, a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association who has won rodeos across the country, was the fastest of the herd, winning the event with 3.7 seconds.

Another young gun, Koby Douch of Huntsville, Texas, was the first tie-down roper of the day. None of the other ropers were able to catch and tie faster than Douch’s 11.4. Douch finished 13th at the 2021 National High School Finals Rodeo and at age 13 made a comeback from injury that would have been difficult for any adult. In July of 2018 he was hit from behind by a distracted driver while riding his bicycle, breaking two major bones in his left leg, crushing the major artery in that leg and losing part of an eyelid. After more than six months of working hard at physical therapy, Douch was back in the roping box.

Other winners were Trevor McCaslin of Glenpool, Oklahoma., in ranch bronc riding and Avontus Williams of Terrell, Texas, in junior bull riding.

The rodeo also featured youngsters competing in mutton busting, the always popular calf scramble and the Escaramuza group of Hispanic women riders in traditional Mexican charra dress.

The event closed with an exhibition of  “bull jumping” by Emmanuel “Manu” Lataste of France, who springs from the ground and does a flying summersault over a charging Mexican fighting bull.

Lataste says he does a special kind of French bull fighting and jumping. In French, the name is ‘course landaise’ which is a mix between French bullfighting and pure ‘Spanish’ bull jumping or leaping.

The Cowboys of Color Rodeo, founded by Cleo Hearn, brings cowboys and cowgirls of all races and cultures together for events which help fund scholarships to assist young competitors in attending college.

  The  Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo continues through February 5, at the Will Rogers complex.

FORT WORTH. — The following are results from the Cowboys of Color Invitational Rodeo at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Sunday, January 17, 2022.


Barrel Racing: 1. Liz Shannon, Kilgore, Texas, 17.24 seconds, $2,000. 2, Brittney Amos,  Anderson, Texas, 17.67, $1,500. 3. Lucile Jackson, Angleton, Texas, 17.83, $1,000. 4, Chelsea White, Angleton, Texas, 17.89, $500.

Ranch Bronc Riding: (2 qualified rides) 1. Trevor McCaslin, Glenpool, Okla., 75 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s Fruitloops, $2,750. 2. Lamar Hankins, Spencer, Okla., 68, $2,250.

Steer Wrestling: 1.  Grady Payne  Deleon,  Texas, 3.7 seconds, $2,000. 2. Chase Crane, Oklahoma City, Okla., 4.0, $1,500. 3. Darius Ford, Tulsa, Okla., 4.5, $1,000. 4 (tie). Rayshode Amos, Dallas, Texas, and Tremaine DeBose, Anderson, Texas, 5.0.

Tie-Down Roping: 1. Koby Douch, Huntsville, Texas, 11.1 seconds, $2,000. 2, Chris Rollin, Huntsville, Texas, 12.0, $1,500. 3, Steven Robinson, Fort Worth, Texas, 12.2, $1,000. 4, DeWeldo Watson, Huntsville, Texas, 13.3, $500.

Bull Riding: (one qualified ride) 1. Colton Burkard, Ivanhoe, Texas, 73 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s Superstition.


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