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A wise competitor is willing to listen to advice. Whether or not you take it is another matter, but having a teachable and open-minded attitude can help you progress both in riding and in life. Here’s some life-changing advice these two barrel racers have received. Read about their mentor relationships in the September issue of Barrel Horse News.

Casey Chappel
Jennifer (Lee-Sims) told me “Just ride your dang horse!” As simple as that sounds, sometimes that’s exactly what I need to hear when I find myself over analyzing every situation instead of just riding my dang horse.

caseyandjenniferL to R: Jennifer Lee-Sims, her daughter Kaitlyn, and Casey Chappel. Photo courtesy Casey Chappel

BHN RUN7630croppedCheryl Murray and Barbara Merrill at the Reno Reunion Xtreme Barrel Race in 2015, Merrill won first in the 1D average and Murray won second. Photo by Off Topic Photography.

Cheryl Murray
The best thing Barbara (Merrill) taught me is consistency pays off. “Just go make a GOOD run. The clock will tell the story” was her answer when I asked how she approached a final round or the last run in an average race.  It is such a simple statement but very profound to me.  I make that my last thought as I ride into any competition.


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