1.     “As you head off to chase your goals I think it’s important to learn from the experience of competing. Learn from your successes and your failures, both.” – Charmayne James

2.     “You have to believe in ‘you’ when everyone else doesn’t. You are always good enough, you just have to really put your nose to the grindstone, work hard and stay driven.” – Brianna Hall

3.     “Don’t put your horse in a situation that’s not suitable for him… Success can be about knowing your horse and using the different set-ups and ground, allowing that horse to be successful.” – Pete Oen

4.     “It’s been fun. I’m always enjoying and looking forward to who the next Driftwood is going to be. All of them have been good, but we’re still looking for that needle in the haystack, one of the great ones like Stingray has been. It’s a good business with a lot of good people.” – Mel Potter

5.     “Those no-names might not bring much at the auctions. They might not get into top training programs in the beginning, but if you keep breeding up, there’s no telling how high you can go.” – Tanya Randall

6.     “Whether I made it to the NFR in the No.1 spot or the No. 15 spot, it was an amazing feeling just to get there.” – Callie duPerier

7.     “It’s a great feeling, because there are only 15 girls who get to stand in the alley each year.” – Cassidy Kruse

8.     “When you load into that tunnel and are waiting for your turn, there’s no feeling like it; there’s nothing you can compare it to.” – Sarah McDonald

9.     “I think I won last hole somewhere and it was like I had won the World.” – Jackie Ganter

10. “She’s been a backyard-style horse with a really great pedigree, but just because she came from the backyard doesn’t mean she didn’t have talent.” – Lance Graves

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the February issue of Barrel Horse News to find the full stories from which I picked these quotes, and be watching next month for my favorite quotes from March’s issue.

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