1. “If you think you don’t have time, then don’t compete in barrel racing. It’s not fair for your horse to ask him to compete when he’s not in shape. He will pay the price.” – Arlis Baze, DVM

2. “While there is no silver bullet to easily improve performance, there are definitely skills that, when learned and practiced repeatedly (conditioned), will certainly improve your mental game.” – Ty Hillman

3. “If you are going to make a living in the barrel racing world, you need to be well-educated. Having the information available from Equi-Stat takes barrel racing trainers, breeders and competitors to another level, because they know the pedigrees and accomplishments of the horses.” – Temple Read, general manager of Quarter Horse News and Equi-Stat.

4. “He told me after he had Bud for three weeks that he was the best horse he’d ever rode.” – Kim Matthews

5. “My mom was joking after I won [the Barrel Futurities of America slot race in] Oklahoma City. She said, ‘You’re going to make me spend all my money entering slot races, aren’t you?’ I’m like, ‘Yep!’ It’s been a crazy couple of months.” – Lacey Harmon

6. “I try not to force the win anymore. I try to let it happen. There are so many great horses and great trainers and jockeys that it’s whoever’s turn to win that day. I just try to do my best and keep myself under control.” – Molli Montgomery 

7. “It took a lot of work just to get him around the barrels, because he really only likes to run in that pen, but he’s really ratey.” – Payton Hughes

8. “Honestly I love this more than rodeo, because I actually know everyone here—I can go say hi to Pete One and Ryann Pedone. It’s really tough, but I’m happy to compete against these men and women who are here.” – Danielle Harmon. 

9. “This changes everything, but it doesn’t change the way I think about my horse. God is good, my horse is awesome and this is amazing.” – Hailey Kinsel

10. “When I run down the alleyway, I’m trying to go as fast as I can. I am, and probably always will be, a 4D barrel racer. I’ll give everything I can to try and win it.” – Tracy Gates


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