If you’re just now checking out my monthly quotes series let me fill you in a bit. Every month, I pick 10 of my favorite quotes from the current issue of Barrel Horse News. They don’t always follow a pattern, except for the fact they all pertain to barrel racing, but they could be anything from something that made me chuckle, or perhaps it struck a spark of inspiration. Whatever the case, I was drawn to these quotes for one reason or another and felt spreading the good vibes across the internet was my duty (for whatever reason). If you want to catch up from the beginning go check out the posts from January and February.

  1. “Ride the run you are making. Don’t ride a run you’ve already made. It’s very important that when you run down the alley that you have both of your hands on the reins and not around your throat – don’t choke.” – Pete One.
  2. “We had a little taste of it that was good and then we had some tragedy. We stayed persevering. This past year really meant a lot to me with everything we’d been through.” – Tami Semas
  3. “I quit thinking about the negative things and focused on what could happen that would be positive.” – Kari Brough
  4. “It was fun, because I’d done so well on her in her futurity year there and after all she’s been through – that injury was really dramatic – and I think more than anything we are just blessed to have her back.” – Kelsey Lutjen
  5. “I ran her about three times and they were probably the most fun runs I’ve ever made in my life; it was amazing.” – Jolene Montgomery
  6. “My great friend and mentor Barbara Merrill taught me to make one good run at a time. The clock will tell the story and the checks will come my way.” – Cheryl Murray
  7. “I knew I had to go for it again if I wanted to win the average, and that’s what I did.” – Max Chouest
  8. “I’m an adrenaline junky and I like to go fast, and Lena is pretty hot-headed.” – Alyssa Stewart
  9. “My main goal at Denver, and every rodeo this year is to just have fun. I told my mom that no matter what, I am just going to smile because my horse is sound. I thank God for that every day.” – Shelby Herrmann
  10. “A winner takes pride in being prepared.” – Martha Josey

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