1. “I stepped way out of my comfort zone, [entering an American qualifier]. I’m just a little local-around-here barrel racer, and [Kelsey Lutjen, Kenny Nichols and Dale Barron] kept encouraging me when I wasn’t sure I could do it. It was pretty dang special [to win the All In Barrel Race American Qualifier]”.  – Lisa Lutjen

2. “You train, you work hard and do your job. God has his plan and whatever it is, good or bad, is going to happen, so we don’t worry about it. We just go run barrels”. – Mary Burger

3. “A great horse has no trainer, just a passenger to share the ride with.” – Kay Lynn Schulz

4. “When communication from human to horse is clear, it’s like a duck on water — it’s invisible”. – Clint Modistach 

5. “You see a lot of breeders, you see a lot of trainers — but you don’t see very many who do both. That’s what I take pride in.” – Jill Lane

6. “I did a hop, skip and a jump all the way down to the media room. That felt like the best run he had all week.” –Lisa Lockhart

7. “To even get a check amongst that league of women was very exciting; to win, there are no words to explain it.” – Kimmie Wall

8. “When God delivers, he delivers big. What I did at the BFA is nothing short of a God thing to me.” – Molli Montgomery

9. “She’s got a unique sense of focus — when you feel it, you know she’s going to go out and work.” – Brianna Trepanier

10. “You cannot tell her to do anything. You have to ask nicely.” – Heather Kosmowski

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