On a daily basis I am inspired, motivated, educated and entertained by this magazine. It’s a true honor to work for such an admirable publication and be given the opportunity to speak on a daily basis with those in our sport who are out there doing, winning, learning, training and inspiring others. As a result, each time our publication hits my desk — fresh from the printer — I am struck with a feeling of humbled accomplishment. And, with each new issue, I can’t wait to revisit the people, horses and stories filling the glossy pages. 

Some of you may remember my obsession with quotes. They fill my life. In the conversations I have with you all out there on the road, to the words I type and even on pictures hanging in my office. In a culmination of my love for quotes and my joy of sharing those stories with all of you, I’ve gathered 10 of my favorite quotes from the January issue of Barrel Horse News

Some of these quotes are motivational and inspiring, and others simply caught my attention. Either way, I hope you enjoy these as much I’ve enjoyed selecting them. 

1.     “Whatever your goal, have the passion to do it whether or not that horse fits the perfect mold of how people say a barrel horse should work.” – Charmayne James 

2.     “The family (plumbing) business has really grown. Jamie knew the business was our bread and butter. He didn’t have to win [The Old Fort Days Futurity]. He goes to work every day for our bread and butter, and if he didn’t win or place, we can work hard this week to make up the money that was lost.” – Erika Hodges about her husband, Jamie. 

3.     “Everyone makes sacrifices, and I get up and go to work every day in an office so I have the money to play on the weekends.” – April Masterson

4.     “He gets into trouble a lot. He bites you, breaks stuff on the trailer, steps on himself and gets hurt all the time, but he has so much personality that I love spending time with him.” – Cayla (Melby) Small about Shameon U “Gator”

5.     “I see some novices be hard on their horses – they are jerking, spanking – that kind of thing. You are not doing your horse any favors.” – Mike Gammelgard

6.     “Horses are a common ground people share, and that is special.” – Mark Singletary

7.     “You have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in this sport, and this was one of the highest highs.” – Leslie Willis

8.     “To be the first champion at anything is pretty cool. It’s an accolade nobody else will ever get to have – there will never be another first one.” – Lisa Lockhart on her ERA World Championship

9.     “I was so hell-bent to qualify for the ERA Finals, and then when I got there I was so intimidated… [Firewatermakemehappy’s last run] was the fastest time he’d run all week, and his run was picture perfect. I was so impressed by him.” – Kassie Mowry

10.  “I always try to improve my horsemanship skills, because I want to be the best rider I can be.” – Natalie Buss

Bonus: “You’ve got to set your mind to it. Set a goal and work for it. You can’t have a pity party.” – Erika Hodges

For the full stories from which I pulled these quotes, check out our January issue of Barrel Horse News and be watching for my favorite quotes from February’s issue. 

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Kailey Sullins is managing editor of Barrel Horse News. Email comments on this article to [email protected].  


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