1. “If kids learn early to direct their horses, use their legs and look where they want to ride, it helps keeps their horses from getting dull to being pulled around.” – Charmayne James
  2. “Many problems for kids start because they never learned basic horsemanship.” – Mary Burger
  3. “Going through two years of work and having it shine is what makes my heart happy now.” – Rachel Myllymaki
  4. “When you’re rushed is when you start forgetting things and panic. Start ahead of time steadily packing your trailer, even if it seems like you’re not leaving for a while.” – Jackie Ganter
  5. “Two youngsters don’t learn well together.” – Kimmie Bylar
  6. “People told me I couldn’t run her well because she was too big for me. We kept working at it and she’s getting better and better.” – Taylor Cherry
  7. “There are so many nice futurities and derbies, but I feel like the Fort Smith Futurity and Derby is one of the most prestigious. Not in a million years did I think I would win the derby. I’m really blessed to say I’m the winner.” – Margo Crowther
  8. “You’ve got to get off and hug him and hold him for five minutes before every run, because he’s nervous and needs a hug. He’s not a horse; he’s a person.” – Sage O’Loughlin
  9. “I know he’s the caliber of horse it takes to win.” – Dustin Angelle
  10. “I think he knows I need him and tries really hard for me.” – Kylar Terlip

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