1. “[Conditioning] is not a matter of just galloping, galloping, galloping, but rather having control and doing a bigger pattern to stretch the stride and muscles in the process of building up the horse’s wind.” – Mary Burger

2. “The biggest thing we have to worry about as competitors as we’re traveling is horses being prone to ulcers. I do everything I can to help prevent ulcers.” – Ashley Schafer

3. “Every time you have to touch your horse’s face, it costs you time.” Hallie Hanssen

4. “I believe by focusing on your training and preparation, you put yourself in the driver’s seat to your confidence.” – Ty Hillman

5. “I want to make sure I’m making my horses healthier and not grinding away at their joint health.” – Fallon Taylor

6. “I ride a mare, and I think there’s nothing better when they’re working, but sometimes they can be a little moody.” – Leslie Schur, DVM

7. “Horses you want to hold onto forever are far and few between.” – Mike Green

8. “This is my dream. After last year, it was my goal to come back and win this thing.” – Emily Miller

9. “I got on him and rode him, and within five minutes knew I wanted him.” – Tanya Jones

10. “Honestly I was in shock, because barrel races are so tough.” – Molly Childers

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