Our industry has lost some really great athletes recently, both human and horse. In March’s issue of Barrel Horse News we featured two of those animal athletes in heartfelt farewells. As I picked my favorite quotes from March’s issue, I found myself drawn to those special animal-human bonding moments. I was touched by the sweet words both Andrea Busby and Sarah Rose McDonald said of their late champions, and as I flipped through the pages, I continued to be drawn toward similar words. Here are my top 10 favorite quotes from this month’s issue, and fittingly they capture the essence of the issue, which featured our Special Horse and Rider Statistics Issue.

  1.  “Skye made lots of people’s dreams come true. Horse like that carry themselves differently — being around them is the best part.” – Andrea Busby of her beloved Kellies Chick
  2. “Some days I want to feel sorry for myself and be sad, but I still know it was an honor and a privilege to have her, and I’ll always be grateful for that. – Andrea Busby
  3. “Finding a really special horse takes a keen eye and a lot of miles”. – Mary Burger
  4. “She was a winner and a best friend. She was God-sent.” – Sarah Rose McDonald of her beloved Fame Fling N Bling
  5. “I felt she was placed in my hands for a reason, and I was responsible for giving her the best chance to shine.” – Sarah Rose McDonald
  6. “The most common form of miscommunication from horse to human I see is misunderstanding behaivor due to pain.” – Kathy Korell-Rach, Ph.D.
  7. “It brings me so much joy seeing those horses go on and win. That’s what you train for, and it’s the best feeling in the world.” – Molli Montgomery
  8. “By far, [JM Alive N Perquix] is my favorite… She’s not the easiest of all of them I have to ride, but she always tries.” – Laney Robinson
  9. “My smile was from ear to ear. At the end of the day, these horses try so hard for us, but they don’t know what they’re running for. They’re just going out there, and they’re happy and like their job.” – Nicole Love
  10. “I knew as soon as I threw a leg over her that she was going to be something special, and I knew she was going to fit my style.” – Jordan Bassett

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