1. “Her passionate approach to the arena of life left an influence on immeasurable amounts of people.” – Wyatt Hunter 

2. “Nobody else would trust him. We had that natural bond, and we had trust for each other.” – Wylee Mitchell

3. “I think the No. 1 thing to remember is every person and every horse is unique.” – Charmayne James

4. “If you can do everything in your power to make your horse more relaxed, healthy and sound, then their job in the arena is that much easier.” – Mary Burger

5. “There was no way barrel racing was going to survive if we didn’t do something. We just needed the numbers.” – Talmadge Green

6. “I didn’t think what the reiners were using would translate to barrel racing, because they’re very different sports. But I’m not closed-minded either – you better not be if you’re goign to continue learning in this world.” – Dena Kirkpatrick

7. “I’ll never forget this win; it’s really a milestone in my life and career, hands down.” – Pete Oen

8. “I didn’t expect him to come into my life. He works really hard for me – he is a big blessing in my life.” – Kylie Perra

9. “He’s talented and special. Regardless of who is on his back, he’s going to shine.” – Wenda Johnson

10. “I can’t believe what has happened. Last year I worked hard to make $32,000, and I was proud of that – that was the most I’d ever won. To be here the first of April and to have $80,000 won is unbelievable.” – Kathy Grimes

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