1. “Depending on the horse, my release is different, but my end goal is the same – fluent, forward motion with good reach.” – Ashley Schafer

2. “The hardest part is managing it all and telling myself to do it. I don’t have to make the time – the time is there, but I have to force myself to get out of bed early.” – Kristie Moore

3. “Don’t let just anybody go in his pen and handle him. At some point, he’s going to show you he’s a stallion, and you need to be prepared.” – Jake Dahl

4. “You just never know – they’re all such good horses – it’s whoever gets their run that day.” – Rylee Elliott

5. “We tried to give him away, because he was a little bit of an outlaw. So, I had to go on with him since no one wanted him. I’ve been very pleased with him.” – Lee Ann Brooks

6. “She’s a big time athlete.” – Ryann Pedone

7. “This time I decided we’re going fast, and it’s either going to work or it’s not.” – Lydia Butler

8. “It was a very special win, because it was his last derby. He’s a special horse, so I always wanted a win like that for him.” – Taylor Smith

9. “There is such tradition and a lot of emotion. A lot of heartstrings being pulled, and I really felt it while competing there.” – Jamie Hinton

10. “I knew I wouldn’t win as consistently anymore, but that does’ t matter to me. What really matters is knowing she’s comfortable. She’s more than earned that.” – Haydn Morsa


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