1. “He truly loved what he did. He thought it was the greatest game in town.” – Kristie Peterson
2. “I said ‘if you can clone his heart, then I’ll do it.’ That what he ran from, his heart. I honestly believe that.” – Kay Blandford

3. “You’ve got to like your horse and like the work you’re doing, because that translates to your horse and either builds their confidence, or tears it down. You have to believe in your horses and never give up on them.” – Charmayne James

4. “It’s really important for kids to learn how to ride. Whether they go and take English lessons or whatever, they need to know how to ride before they start running barrels.” – Jordon Briggs
5. “Even though we need had the fanciest truck and trailer, when we pulled up to the shows, we always had a horse that could possibly win the barrel race. I had to win to keep going, and I learned from the beginning how to ride under pressure.” – Sarah Rose McDonald

6. “Once I was able to make a habit out of practicing positivity, my fear of being a non-competitive person started fading away.” – Katie Pascoe

7. “We had hit this plateau and that clinic was such a blessing. I figured out he just needs to trust me more as a leader because he’s a baby.” – Brooke Board

8. “It’s a lifetime goal to win Fort Smith. I’ve won a lot of big futurities, but never imagined that i would win Fort Smith. It’s the most that I’ve ever won in one check.” – Jamie Hodges

9. “If you feel like you really need to take a hold of your horse, or are even fighting with him at your rate point, go back to the basics of teaching him how to use his hind-end.” – Martha Josey

10. “We do this as a family. I couldn’t do it without any of them. I’d always rodeo for my dad and father-in-law. They’d buy me the better bred horses that I couldn’t afford to give me a better chance and I would buy a cheaper horse here and there. Penelope is the first one that my wife and I have bought that has made a really nice horse.”

Compiled by Kailey Sullins, managing editor

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