1. “ I think for Rachel (Hendrix), Blaze (Blazin Ta Fame) made the NFR and that’s all she needed to prove to the world.” – Annette Hendrix

2. “Just because a horse doesn’t make an elite rodeo horse does not mean he won’t make a winner at some level, or on an adjusted timeline.” – Charmayne James

3. “A seller is responsible to disclose vices, habits or conditions known to them. Non-disclosure of known issues may subject a seller to a material misrepresentation and future liability.” – equine attorney and barrel racer, Tonya Hebert

4. “The most important thing is having great basics on your horse before you leave home.” – Jana Bean

5. “Avoid letting your horse drink out of community water troughs – they can be a health hazard.” – Kelly Yates

6. “A horse that’s really not fit enough is going to have more problems in the trailer, more problems with injuries and more stress on their immune system, making it difficult to prevent disease.” Dr. Mark DePaolo

7. “Among the most significant contributing factors to injury, besides accidents, is fatigue.” Steve Fisch, DVM

8. “It’s awesome to win one. I’ve been a member of the NBHA for 20-something years and I’ve never won anything in all my years of doing it, so this is amazing.” – Michelle Floyd, NBHA Dixie Nationals 4D Champion

9. “She’s definitely that one-in-a-million horse for me.” – Hannah Carlisle

10. “This is beyond measure and words. I’m very emotional, because I came down here knowing she is a very competitive, tough mare, but so are a lot of other horses. A lot of it is who has the best go on that particular day; it happened to be us and I’m so grateful this all happened.” – Kathy Korell-Rach, 2016 BBR World Champion

June2016 quotesBe watching for my favorite quotes from July’s issue, until then if you missed my favorite quotes from May’s issue, be sure to go check them out here.
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