1. “I think you work hard and eventually it does pay off.” – Sherry Cervi

2. “You learn to be grateful for the good times, because sometimes you don’t have that horse that can get you to that top level. So I appreciate the horses I’ve been able to ride, because that’s really the best part about the whole thing is the relationships and the horses that I’ve had.” – Sherry Cervi ( I just couldn’t decide between these two quotes!)

3. “You just can’t take any dirt and put in there, you know. We test our dirt and make sure that we’ve got the best in there.” – Steven Money, Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo Director

4. “(Quarter cracks) happen because the horse’s weight isn’t being distributed evenly over the hoof, so there’s more weight to one side of the hoof than the other.” – Farrier Pete May

5. “It’s a misconception that you will never have to clean or oil your tack and it’ll last forever.” – Dennis Moreland

6. “Boot making is an inexact science. It ain’t like building a house or laying bricks, because you’ve got to fit the customer’s head, as well as their feet.” – boot maker J.R. Cansler

7. “I’m not really a fist pumper, but when I heard that time and then I replayed that time in my head I thought, ‘Oh man, that’s going to be pretty tough to beat.’ So, I kind of did some fist pumping.” – Ryann Pedone

8. “She’s never worked so smooth and snappy. I just knew if she kept herself together that she was going to make a good run.” – Kalie Rutledge

9. “It’s fun to watch her win. Ivy (Conrado) and Tibbie (Cfour Tibbie Stinson) had the winter that people dream of. They kept their composure and made run after run. What they’re doing is something that inspires you. I’m behind Ivy in the standings, but watching her win makes me try harder. They are such an awesome team and I think that what they’ve got is what everyone behind them in the standings is striving for.” – Jackie Ganter

10. “Don’t allow someone else to decide what you are capable of; you decide what you want to accomplish.” – Amberley Snyder

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