1. “He fought tirelessly for the BFA, Better Barrel Races and Future Fortunes. When I thanked Charles for helping me so much with Future Fortunes, he humbly said, ‘Thanks for taking me along on the ride.’ Charles will be forever missed but never forgotten.” – Mary Ellen Hickman

2. “Sometimes it seems easier to stay home, but easier doesn’t mean better. For my family and me, life is better at a rodeo. It might be busy, messy and unorganized, but that’s OK because I find my peace when I swing a leg over my horse.” – Nellie Miller

3. “The main thing is to make sure your horse is fit. A lot of the injuries we see are simply due to the horses running and competing, but if they’re not healthy or fit, it’s easy to get injured.” – Charlie Buchanan, DVM

4. “I’m always looking out for changes in my horses’ personalities—are they irritated, groggy, too fresh? Most of what I look for is related to how they’re acting.” – Lacey Harmon

5. “You can’t help somebody once the horse is bucking, so make sure you take the proper steps to prevent it from happening.” – Turner West

6. “As a part of my day-to-day life, I have to have a horse. When I started raising horses, that was part of it. I wanted a horse I wanted to ride.” – Dillon Mundorf

7. “That horse doesn’t owe me anything, but he’s still giving me everything.” -Taci Bettis

8. “When you’re running for that much money you have to be happy, you have to be thankful and you have to be blessed that you get the opportunity. Those opportunities don’t come all the time, so that was my look on it and no matter what the outcome was, I was happy to be there.” – Taci Bettis

9. “I had to keep hustling, because she’s the kind of horse that would throw down on asphalt if I asked her.” – Hailey Kinsel

10. “He’s strange for as big and powerful as he is. When he sets to turn, he gets lighter, like you can move him. If you’re too close, you can move him back out, or if you’re too far out, you can move him back in. He let me get out of trouble there.” – Brandon Cullins

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